OPI “OPI Ink” Suede

I loved loved loved the matte nail polish trend.  It was the first trend that I really got into and hunted down.  I have a could matte polishes in my collection and each one I treat like lord of the rings style “my precious”.  They are my go to polishes when I need an easy and fast manicure.  Matte nail polish dries really really quickly so it is what I gravitate to when I’m in a bind and need a fast nail fix.  That was the case the other morning when I had taken all my polish off the night before and due to a ridiculous amount of homework, I fell asleep before I could do my nails.  I am very embarrassed of my yellow nails (thanks to my obsession with painting my nails, they are an awful shade of smoker yellow) so I never ever have nakey nails.  I guess that just keeps the cycle going … since I won’t let my nails ever be bare, they never see sun and are always stained by some polish and never becoming un-yellow, but because I’m embarrassed they are yellow I never leave the house without them painted.  I woke up and needed a quick and easy manicure before I ran out the door, so a matte polish was the obvious choice and I immediately grabbed my all time favorite.

OPI “OPI Ink” Suede finish is a darker blue-purple with a ton of silver microglitter.  OPI suede finish is how OPI did matte polishes absolutely amazingly.  They are matte but due to the crazy amount of silver microglitter, they have the look of being like suede fabric or velvet.  They have a depth that every other matte polish doesn’t have and I went crazy for this collection.  I looked for these polishes everywhere and I remember OPI “OPI Ink” suede was the first one I found.  OPI made regular matte polish as well but the suede finish was a lot more popular and basically a much better product.  I wore the hell out of this polish and still always gravitate towards it when I need a fast mani.  I ended up finding 2 more, and I still wish I had the green one in my collection, but the take on OPI Ink was my favorite.  In comparison to the original OPI Ink, its not close at all, but I actually like this one better than the original.  Maybe it is because I had this one before I purchased the original OPI Ink or maybe it is because I like mattes but I am in love with this polish.

This polish is opaque in one coat and super fast drying.  So I was about to do my nails and walk out the door in about 10 minutes when a normal manicure I’m walking on egg shells for an hour before I’m comfortable enough to know I won’t mess up my nails.  Yet another reason why everyone needs a suede polish in their collection.  Opaque in one coat, super fast drying, and an amazing finish? Pretty damn close to perfect!

3 thoughts on “OPI “OPI Ink” Suede

  1. If you try soaking your nails in lemon juice and buttermilk it helps to take away some of the yellow in your nails! Just in case you want to have them nakie or just to help with the color. I will say this though it smells somethin awful, but I do it once a week and it keeps the yellow color down when I remove my nail color.

    • hey thanks!! have you ever tried the peroxide and baking soda method? someone told me once that if you mix peroxide and baking soda, make a paste and leave it on your nails for a while that is supposed to work really well. have you ever tried that?

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