October Julep Mavens Box

I have a very long post about Julep this month, so please bear with me.  This is my second month being a part of the Julep Maven program, and to be perfectly honest I am hoping that my December box really wows me or else I am cancelling my subscription.  I guess that just was a little spoiler for the attitude of this post but I was not all that happy with Julep this month.  Please don’t think I’m being a debbie downer, or that I am being bratty, I am just giving my honest opinion about my October experience.  But if you are a hardcore Julep fan, maybe you won’t want to click that button to continue reading.

For all of you who don’t know what Julep Mavens is, it is a month subscription service similar to a Birchbox or an Eco Emi.  You go to Julep.com, take a style quiz, and fall into 1 of 5 stye categories:
1. Classic With a Twist

2. Bombshell

3. Boho Glam

4. American Beauty

5. “It” Girl

The first time I took the quiz I got “It” Girl and then I got Boho Glam and then American Beauty.  I ended up signing up with “It” Girl because I liked the nail polish colors in that box the best out of the other 2 boxes I looked at.  But every month Julep sends you a box with nail polish colors that are supposed to fall into your style category.  There are a few differences between a subscription service like Birchbox in comparison to Julep.

1. You only get Julep products.  Unlike other monthly subscription services, you only get Julep nail polishes, Julep lotions, and Julep nail treatments.  Birchbox and Eco Emi are designed so you can try out different products while this is only trying out Julep products.  So if you happen to not like the products or the bottle shape then you are kind of stuck.

2. You can see what you are going to receive before they charge your credit card.  They send you an email about a week before they charge your credit card and you can see pictures of what you will be receiving for that month.  There are 4 options after that: you can do nothing and receive the box from your email, you can send that box to a friend so they can try out the products, you can skip that month and they won’t charge your credit card, or you can do a shelf pull and pick one of the 4 other boxes available that month (one of the 4 other style profiles).  This is the one aspect that I really like, because you can see what you’re purchasing and then you are not obligated to buy if you aren’t satisfied.

3. It is $20 a month, other services are cheaper

4. They claim they are giving you full size products, while Birchbox you only get samples.  I want to clarify here, you are getting full size Julep products but you are not getting full size nail polishes.  In comparison to Orly or OPI or any other nail polish company, Julep nail polishes are about half the size if not less than half the size.

So I’m going to get into my review for this month before I talk about the products, to get this part out of the way.  I didn’t make it a secret in my last post that I was a little iffy about the price of the Julep Mavens program.  It is $20 a month and you aren’t getting full size bottles of nail polish, and buying the polish on its own is $14.  $14 for a polish that is less than half the size of a OPI which is almost half the price?  I have some issues with that, and I have to say that just from swatching one of the colors this month, I made a very visual dent in the product.  I will easily use up that nail polish in just a few applications so I have major issues with how expensive it is.  I did the math, and if you were to get the same ounces as an OPI or China Glaze, the polish would cost $25, which is more expensive than the Channel polish that I own.

But this month, I had a little bit of an issue with Julep.  At the time of my last post, I had seen the polish I was going to be getting in my October box and I was less than thrilled.  The polishes were ordinary and I had so many other colors in my collection that were exactly the same and much cheaper.  So I opted for a shelf pull and ended up purchasing the Bombshell box.  I got confirmation that I would be getting the Bombshell box and then they charged my credit card.  It was about 10 days after that when I finally got my box.  Although the website clearly warns you that shipping takes 7-10 days, I was a little surprised that it took that long.  I opened the box, and I had received my original “It” Girl box.  I immediately contacted the company to tell them about their mistake and I offered to return the “It” Girl box.  I received an email a day later, that was an automated response saying “I’m on vacation, I will be back in a week and if you have any problems then you should contact this person.”  So I contacted the person that the automated email told me to, and got a response about 3 days later.  I finally resolved the issue with the second person I contacted.  She told me to keep the “It” Girl box free of charge and that I would be receiving the Bombshell box in the mail shortly.

I was extremely happy that they let me keep the “It” Girl box, but I wasn’t happy about how long it took me to get my Bombshell box, the box that I originally ordered for October.  After receiving confirmation that I would finally be getting the Bombshell box, it was 15 days before I actually got the box.  For some reason, 15 days seems extremely unreasonable especially when they were trying to correct an error.  I’m not trying to be a brat, or a bitch, or one of those people who complains about service.  I loved Julep customer service originally and I understand that mistakes happen.  They corrected the mistake by allowing me to keep the “It” Girl box for free, but I sort of expected that I would get the Bombshell box sooner than over 2 weeks later.  Actually, after alerting them to the problem it was 18 days before I received my box.  I received the email about my November box before I even received my October box.  I was a little disappointed with that, I’m not going to sugar coat that.

I just am having a hard time understanding why shipping took 3days last month and then 18 days the second month.   But I’ll get onto the colors and the lotion that was inside the box …

The lotion is called Julep “Glow On” lotion, which claims to be a skin brightening lotion.  Although I can’t comment on whether it actually does brighten my skin, I can say that this is an amazing lotion for hydrating my skin.  My hands seriously feel so much more hydrated when I use this lotion than when I use a Bath and Body Works lotion.  I really really love this lotion.  It doesn’t have any specific scent, it is more like a medicated lotion scent.  This lotion reminds me a lot of Gold Bond lotion.  What I don’t like about this lotion is the price.  Again, why does Julep have to be so expensive? The card that you get in every box that lets you know how much each product is informed me that lotion costs $32.  $32? Hell no, I would never spend that much on a lotion, not even if it promised to make my hands exactly like when I was 5 and also have real diamond dust in it.  I would never spend $32 on a freaking lotion especially when it reminds me so much of Gold Bond which is a available at my drugstore for an 8th of the price.

In my “It” Girl Box I got 2 colors, Leighton and Jamie.

Julep “Jamie”.  “Jamie” is a medium toned bright blue creme shade.  This is definitely a “me” color, but this is me in the summer.  I can’t pull this color off right now but it will be nice later.  This is really similar to Butter London “Blagger” but it is a little more neon and bright than Blagger.  I think Blagger is actually just a fraction darker, but these colors are similar enough for me not to need both in my collection.  But, this is 1 coat! Julep definitely does opacity extremely well!

Julep “Leighton”. “Leighton” is a silver foil with absolutely no shimmer.  I hate this color.  Can I used a stronger word?  I despise this color.  It is the worst silver I have ever used! It is a streaky mess that seems so old and grandma.  Although this is 1 coat and Julep gets points for opacity, it is so streaky and awful to work with that it wasn’t even worth it.  I would much rather work with my other silver that requires 3 coats because that one at least has no streaks and is fun.  Awful, just awful!

In my Bombshell box I got 2 colors, “Vanessa” and “Chloe”

Julep “Chloe”.  Chloe is a black base with purple microglitter.  Basically, this color is the baby of Deborah Lippmann’s “Bad Romance” and China Glaze “Lubu Heels”.  It is the same coloring as bad romance but the same consistency and application as lubu heels.  While wearing this color, I could barely tell that there was purple microglitter in it at all.  This is definitely my style of color! I love vampy colors with glitter but I wish that the glitter came out more.  My complaint with this color, the application was horrible!  This polish was so thick and goopy and hard to apply.  It took a while to dry and the texture after it was dry looked odd.  Just overall, I like the color but hate the application and the formula.

Julep “Vanessa” is a clear base opal glitter.  I couldn’t take a picture of it on its own but I did get pictures over top each of the other 3 polishes so you can see the difference between a dark, a medium toned color and a lighter color.

Vanessa over Jamie

Vanessa over Leighton

Vanessa over Chloe

I really like Vanessa.  Actually, I think I like Vanessa the best out of all of the polishes from both boxes.  It is definitely the color that will get the most use out of the 4.  I love how it looked over the silver and it inspired me to do my nails with my favorite silver and glitter combo right after I was finished swatching these polishes.  But, here is where the bad part comes in … each of these swatches were one coat and I used up so much product it was ridiculous.  Julep polishes are on the thick side and the glitters are even thicker than the cremes.  After just swatching on the left hand for pictures, I probably used up an 8th of the bottle.  That is a lot of product to use up for one and a half manicures!  So the fact that you don’t get a lot of nail polish in the bottle is really apparent here.  I probably will never use up the other colors but Vanessa will be gone in a few months.

Overall, I’m giving Julep just one more chance.  I already decided that I’m skipping the month of November because the November boxes have one polish, a lip gloss and a makeup bag for $20.  I’m already of the mindset that $20 is a lot for 2 polishes and a lotion and now it is a polish and a lip gloss with a small travel makeup bag.  So I’m going to wait and see what my December box looks like.  I’m hoping that I will get other colors like Vanessa, but if I don’t then that may be the end of Julep and my relationship.  I really like Vanessa and I also like Chloe but I really hate Leighton.  So far it has been a hit or miss.

What do you guys think? Have any of you signed up for Julep? And if you have, what style profile are you and what do you think so far?

9 thoughts on “October Julep Mavens Box

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  2. It actually turned out that we were able to pick three polishes for this month. 🙂

    Also, to clarify for readers, these actually are full-sized products. Julep just makes their nail polish smaller since they are a boutique company and the smaller bottles keeps them affordable. If they were Chanel-sized, they’d be Chanel-priced, if not a little more.

    • that really bums me out that there were 3 colors because in my email it specifically said one. was it a follow up email? or are you a different style profile than me? because i was only given the option of one.

      also to clarify, i specifically mention that they are full sized “Julep” products. if you read the post, I say they are full sized for julep but in comparison to other companies, they are about half the size. which is why i also state that if they were the same size as other companies they would cost about the same as a chanel polish. i also talk about the same thing in my first julep post.

  3. Sorry – I misread what you were saying. To me a full-size nail polish is whatever the “normal” size is for the company. 🙂

    I had requested another box pull, so they sent out an email to all of the different style profiles requesting re-pulls. One of the choices for this month was a special Polish Lovers option. I guess if you skipped altogether you wouldn’t have received the “which pull do you want?” email.

    I was really happy with that because I liked one of the lipglosses for another style profile but not the polish it came with it (and there are no substitutions), and while I thought the makeup bag was cool, I wasn’t sure that I would even have a chance to use it. OTOH, the three polishes should be awesome. 🙂

    • oh man i’m kinda bummed now! i have a few julep polishes on my wish list that i wanna pick up. were you able to pick whatever polishes you wanted off the website or did you have to pick from just a couple?

  4. If you requested a shelf pull for this month, one option was to not get the single polish and makeup bag, and just get three polishes.

    However, I know a few people who are subsribed to Julep who all requested shelf pulls, including myself, and so far no one has received that shelf pull, and instead got the original box and color. Which in my case means I got the diarrhea color that came with the Boho profile. Definitely calling Julep when I get off of work to request that I be sent my correct box.

    • hopefully you’ll be able to get your shelf pull problem fixed. this post didn’t come off the most positive in the world, but i have to give julep props for letting me keep the polishes. i’m giving them a little wiggle room since its only been going on for 4 months but hopefully they can get their shelf pull thing worked out. one thing i didn’t mention in the post is that when i requested the shelf pull i think they just permanently switched my style profile because in my emails i’m getting stuff about the bombshell profile and not the it girl profile. i guess i’ll see come december but i think after my shelf pull i’m automatically a different style profile now.

  5. I agree with you on a lot of points here, Julep products are definitely wayy over-priced especially because everything is so small. I would never pay $14 for a Julep polish, if it wasn’t for this program I would have never tried them.

    I really love this program but I am getting discouraged because it seems like they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Although I personally haven’t had any other issues (other than the referral link) I am feeling kinda if-y recommending this to people if I keep hearing about them screwing stuff up, you know?

    Also I heard about the option to get 3 polishes for November through their Facebook page. I think they should have emailed everyone about it, not just people who already requested a shelf pull. I guess I’ll still give them the benefit of the doubt since it’s still a “new” program…but they need to get things straight!

    • I wanted to try Julep before the program because I heard good things about the formula and how opaque it was, but I had no clue the bottles were so small. I really love the concept and really do think its a good idea but I’m getting really discouraged to. In a perfect world, there would really be a birchbox for nail polish where there are multiple bottles of nail polish from different companies in a box for a small price. I’m giving Julep a lot a wiggle room since they are new and are still working out the kinks, and maybe after some bad blog and youtube reviews they’ll change some policies. Hopefully in December we’ll have some awesome boxes

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