Gift of Gold(en) Rage

After all of those manicures for Halloween, I felt like going for something lighter and less intense.  I was looking through my collection and I seriously was lacking inspiration in the nail department.  I don’t know why, I had so many nail ideas for Halloween but now that Halloween is over I can’t think of anything to do.  But I was sitting around my house, with nakey nails and glanced down at my toes and thought how much I loved my pedicure.   Its weird, but I like certain colors on my toes and certain colors on my nails.  I love metallics on my toes, but I’m not a huge fan of metallics on my nails.  I mainly love lighter and brighter colors on my toes and tend to go for darker or more detailed colors on my nails.  I have had this exact color combination on my toes for about 2 months now and refuse to take it off.  I absolutely love the way this looks on my toes! Its bright, catches the light in such an attractive way and gives a clean but fun look.  The last thing I want is for my toes to look dirty, so I stay away from sheer browns or olive greens and keep it to opaque metallics and light colors.  I thought to myself, “I love this on my toes, lets try it on my nails,” and this is how it turned out!

Orly “Rage” is an older Orly color.  I want to say it came out about 2 or 3 years ago and I never wanted it until it got a ton of hype on youtube.  I ended up grabbing it and it hasn’t left my toes ever since.  Its a rose gold foil, which is so unique and pretty that I wonder why I didn’t pick this up sooner.  Rose gold is definitely my favorite metal, but its the one that I own the least of and I seriously need to fix that.  Sephora by OPI “Gift of Gold” is an extremely chunky natural gold glitter.  I paired the two of them together on my toes and its a glitter and shine explosion so I thought it would look just as good on my nails.  Although I do love this combo and I think it looks good, I think it looks better on my toes rather than my nails.


But one thing that I got compliments on today was how my nails and my watch match! I thought it was so funny, but I had a few people ask me if I did that on purpose.  I didn’t do that on purpose, my rose gold watch is my favorite of my many watches to wear.  It was a total accident that my nails matched my watch but I decided to take a few pictures to show you guys that my nails matched my watch!

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