Emilie meets the Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Have you ever been out and seen someone with a makeup look or a manicure that you loved so much that you knew you wanted to go home and try right away? Being a nail addict, I am always looking at other girls nails for inspiration.  That is how I got on my weird hunt for the perfect red because I saw a girl with a red nail polish that was absolutely perfect for her and I knew I had to have that.  This time, the girl who sits in front of me in one of my classes was wearing OPI “Jade is the New Black”, and I was immediately green with envy.  Most of the time I don’t go for primary greens.  I love light minty greens, dark forest greens and olive greens but I rarely find myself attracted to the crayola crayon type of green.  But after seeing her proudly showing off her prominent green nails I knew my next manicure would be green.  After my last manicure I vowed that I wouldn’t do another holiday collection manicure.  Yeah, I am a total hypocrite and could resist.  I loved the combo of the red glitter on red and since I had the green glitter in that collection I knew I had to try to recreate that green manicure with green glitter accents.

I looked through my collection to see if I had a nail polish color that would be the perfect creme counterpart to one of those festive glitters.  I found Julep “Emilie” and thought it would go great with OPI “Fresh Frog of Bel Air”.  Although Emilie is a little bit of a different hued green, the closeness in the two greens was the best I could come up with and I definitely had fun with this manicure.  I have only just swatched Emilie before, I had never worn it for extensive periods of time because I was a little intimidated by the color.  Green nail polish is definitely one of my favorite colors to wear but primary green is very eye catching and bold of a color, so I feel like I can only wear it when my nails are in tip top shape (which right now they definitely aren’t).  I had to take this picture of my right hand rather than my left, which is my normal swatching hand for a reason.  My left hand is much better kept, with longer nails that are nicely squared off, because I do so much writing in law school that I have to keep my nails shorter to make writing easier.  But Emilie let me down.  Emilie chipped so bad after day 2 that I had to take a picture of my non-chipped hand instead of trying to fix the manicure.  So I guess I can add that to my reasons that I’m not overly impressed with Julep, their polishes chip rather quickly. I really really loved this manicure and was sad when I had to take it off because of the extensive chipping.  But now I am getting so many ideas for holiday manicures!

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