Essie “We Can Do It Pink”

I am a little reluctant to admit that this was one of the first Essie colors I ever bought.  This was last years Breast Cancer Awareness polish from Essie, so my experience with Essie isn’t that extensive.  I always tended to stay away from Essie because I felt they made a ton of sheer pinks that had the most minute differences that they weren’t worth my money.  In the last 2 years Essie has majorly majorly stepped up their game and now I have a very nice and substantial Essie collection.  But I was never attracted to this color until it was on sale at my Ulta for $1.99 and I cracked, who can pass up an Essie that’s normally $8 for less than $2? After I bought it I was so disappointed with myself that I didn’t buy it sooner.

Essie “We Can Do It Pink” is a super opaque light light pink with a little bit of a taupe or nude hue.  Compared to other light pinks in my collection it looks like a light taupe but next to my taupes it looks pink.  Its one of those colors that can go either way but it is one of my go to pinks.  I think this polish just looks so clean and crisp.  Whenever I wear colors like this I feel like my hands are really clean looking.  I know I said that twice but I’ve been sitting here for about 5 minutes staring at my computer trying to think of another word but clean is the only way I can describe how I feel when I wear this color.  This is 2 coats and it is completely opaque.  This color can be hard to work with sometimes, just like a lot of other Essie polishes because it gets goopy and thick.  But overall, this is probably my second favorite pink, behind my Butter London of course, and is my go to for formal occasions.  This color isn’t unique at all so you can find something similar from any nail polish brand if you weren’t able to pick up this limited edition polish last year.

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