Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara Review!

I mentioned this in my last mascara review and call it by the wrong name.  This mascara is one that I feel doesn’t get the attention that it deserves.  I guess that statement just gave away how this review is going to go, but I am pleasantly surprised with this mascara.  I originally purchased this over the summer because I was on the hunt for a really good waterproof mascara that was also affordable.  I went through 5 or 6 mascaras and this one seemed to impress me the most.

This mascara is one that isn’t hyped up as a super lengthening or ultra volumizing, it simply is a regular mascara and is probably the perfect mascara for girls who don’t want to wear a lot of makeup.  I picked this up for the express reason that I am a boater and during the summer I pretty much live in the water.  As you guys know, especially if you scroll down and see my bare lashes, my eyelashes are pretty light.  They naturally are a light brown, dark blonde color so I can’t get away with not wearing mascara.  I was looking for the most waterproof mascara I could find so I could go swimming and not have my lashes clump or black smudges around my eyes. This one is probably the most waterproof mascara I have ever used and even when completely submerged in water this mascara keeps your lashes looking the same as if you just applied it.

The shadow is what I get for trying to take pictures without a good light box.  But as you can see the brush is a little bit of an unique shape, or at least unique to me.  Its a rubber bristle brush that is ultra skinny but the top of the brush has very sparse bristles while the middle has long bristles.  The end bristles start to get smaller but not as small as the top of the wand.  This brush seems to be the opposite from the last disappointing mascara I reviewed, Rimmel Sexy Curves, and if you’re interested in reading that review then you can click here.  This brush is a lot smaller than what I am normally used to using, but I like it.  Theres a reason why lengthening brushes are smaller, they work better at getting a nice even coat of mascara from root to tip.  Now onto the application.

My eye without any mascara

2 coats

As you can see, this mascara does exactly what it says it will, it shows each of my lashes exactly.  I feel like it doesn’t volumize or lengthen but what it does do is give a very natural look while still being impressive.

Overall, I love this mascara.  This is now my go to mascara when I don’t want to wear makeup and it is also the best waterproof mascara I’ve ever owned.  I love wearing this mascara when I don’t have any other makeup besides a powder and chapstick because it makes my eyes pop but gives that look that your lashes are naturally amazing.  Also it applies very evenly without clumping so I don’t have to spend a ton of time working with the product to make my lashes look natural.  It just gives a clean application that makes your lashes look very natural but perfect at the same time.  I can’t give this mascara enough credit because it is the most natural looking mascara I own, and I know that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Most of the time I like volumizing mascaras but when I’m not wearing any other makeup and I want to solve the problem of invisible eyelashes this is an amazing weapon to have in your makeup arsenal.  Also the fact that it is waterproof has made it my everyday mascara for my bottom lashes.  I have one coat on my bottom lashes so you can see how that looks.  So if you are one of those ladies that is looking for a natural looking mascara that applies really easily so you aren’t fusing too much in the morning, this may be your holy grail.

Grade: A- (it would be an A but because its so waterproof the removal process isn’t always ideal).

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