Big Apology

I owe y’all a HUGE apology! I haven’t blogged in almost a month and I seriously feel awful for not updating.  I want to give you guys a little update on my life at the moment to explain why I’ve been absent from the makeup blogging world.  I’m in law school, I’ve mentioned that before but only in passing, and the month of November was seriously awful.  Starting in the middle of November, which was my last week of school I had the biggest paper of my life due.  A 20 page legal argument and legal writing is no small task! If there are any girls out there thinking about law school, every single sentence in piece of legal writing has a purpose and a label.  So its almost like a well thought out puzzle that needs to have better grammar than a novel.  The week after that was paper was due it was Thanksgiving and my last few days of school.  I had 35+ page outlines to write and flash cards to create.  Then reading week where you spend 12+ hours a day studying and then you take finals, 4 hour tests that have 3 questions total.  I opened my first test and the first question’s instructions said that it was worth half my grade and would take my 2 hours to answer.  Your grade on your final is your only grade the entire semester so you have 4 hours to prove that you aren’t a dumb ass, and you’re measured by your peers so you are praying that the person next to you spent 1 hour less studying than you so you can get some sort of imaginary edge on your competition.  That was my life for a month, and in the middle of it, on of my best friends got married and I had bridesmaid duties along with the rehearsal and wedding.


So my life was hectic and now I have time to breath.  Time to read, catch up on TV, and to update my blog! So stay tuned for many new posts starting today with swatches and reviews.  Thank you to everyone who has come back to check up on updates and thank you for all the new people who have checked out my blog.  I promise I will be much better starting today!

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