OPI “Excuse Moi”

Since it is officially the holiday season I can post all my holiday manicures! So be prepared you’re about to get an explosion of red, green, silver, gold and glitter!  I get way into the holidays, as a lot of you could probably tell from all the Halloween looks I posted, and now that I have some extra time on my hands, I have so many holiday manicure ideas running around in my head.  To start off the holiday season I decided to use one of my favorites from OPI’s Holiday collection.  I really liked the Muppets collection not because the glitters were this blast of creative genius but because they were fun, festive and totally up my alley.  But there were a few colors in that collection that were totally unique and not like anything I owned.  OPI”Excuse Moi” was one of those unique ones.  Excuse Moi is a muted pinkish red, a little darker than a dusty rose and a little warmer than a cooler toned pink.  It is not exactly that type of color I gravitate towards, but its an opaque glitter so I knew I was going to buy it.  On top of being an opaque dark pink glitter it also has pieces of multicolored confetti glitter in it!  Although I am really tired of seeing every company come out with the same dupe of Deborah Lippmanns “Happy Birthday”, seeing the rainbow colored glitter mixed in sparsely with pink glitter makes this color something unique.  I love how festive and cheery this color is and is totally appropriate to be associated with Ms Piggy, the best diva in the children’s television and movie world.  Then to top if off, this is 2 coats! So its an opaque pink and rainbow glitter that just put me the Christmas spirit and I can’t wait to try out more holiday nail combos.

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