Finger Paints Special Effects Preview!

Look whats coming out in January! An affordable polish company coming out with flakies! I love flaky glitter polish, I cherish my Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure” and have a back up bottle if I ever run out, but now there’s another company that I can start hoarding polishes for as well! The colors are

– Twisted

– Motley

– Flashy

– Flecked

– Asylum

Each one flakes to a different color and all of these are shown over black but you can pick up one of these and have fun experimenting with all the different combinations.  Finger paints is available at Sallys for $4.99 (or at least that’s what it costs near me) so not only is it a range of flakies, but their are affordable too!


Anyone else as excited as I am?

2 thoughts on “Finger Paints Special Effects Preview!

  1. I know I am super excited!!! I love, love LOVE flakies too!! I’ve looked for Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure but couldn’t find it. They have a new one out called Glass Slipper, are they close? Also, color Club’s Covered in Diamonds is super cute over China Glaze For Audrey.

    • i want glass slippers sooooo bad!!! i’ve been hunting for it everywhere! from what i’ve seen from pictures online from other bloggers they aren’t really similar. hidden treasure is more of a opal type flakie when glass slippers seems (i don’t know for sure i’m just going off pictures) like it doesn’t shimmer to a million colors it stays more white, silver, grey that kinda thing. i could totally be wrong tho. and you just gave me a manicure idea! i’m totally gonna have to try the for audrey idea now

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