Candy Cane Nails

I broke my right ring finger 😦 but decided to take this picture on this hand because my right hand turned out much better than my left.  I attempted water marbling again! For any of you who have read by blog for a little while then you know that over the summer I tried water marbling for the first time and it was a big old not even hot mess (click here for my fail).  But I knew that I wanted to try again around the holidays and think I finally got it right!

Water marbling isn’t easy, but for a step my step click on the link below even though my end result wasn’t the best.  This time I wanted to make a candy cane inspired manicure because of the sally hansen candy cane nail nail polish strips that I saw at Walgreens.  I really wanted to buy them because I loved the look but knew that I could create the same look at home by water marbling.


I first put down a white polish for my base which was Sally Hansen InstaDri “Whirlwind White” which was my go-to white because it was opaque in one coat and dried fast but after this manicure I had to throw away my bottle because I officially used it all up (such an awesome feeling to use up an entire bottle of nail polish).  Then I marbled together 3 reds and a white.  The white was a standard white from Wet ‘n Wild, no name just a number which I don’t remember but I remember I bought it on sale for 50 cents.


So I started with OPI “Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ” as the first ring, just to give some dark contrast  (which you can totally do without because you can’t see it in the marble), then began alternating between the Wet ‘n Wild white with OPI “Quarter of a Cent Cherry” and OPI “Vodka and Cavier”.  So it went dark red, white, cherry red, white, vodka red, white, cherry red, white, vodka red, SWIRL! And this is how it turned out! Then I added some glitter, which I regret putting on there, and topped with Seche! Hope y’all like it

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