Wet ‘n Wild “I’m Getting Sunburned” Eyeshadow Palette Review

I’m warning y’all ahead of time, I have a lot of Wet ‘n Wild posts coming.  I was swatching all my new Wet ‘n Wild Palettes and realized that I had never swatched the only other palette I had from them.  I love Wet ‘n Wild and am not ashamed to admit it! When I was younger, no one would admit they had any Wet ‘n Wild makeup products because they were so horrible but in the last few years Wet ‘n Wild has had a major revamp.  Now, people are hurrying to the stores to get their hands on their limited edition palettes and they sell out extremely quickly.  This palette wasn’t one that had major hype but it was the first one I purchased and deserves some blog attention.

Sorry about the dirty palette, but this one has gotten some use by me and hey, that’s what makeup is for right?  But here is a break down of the colors.  Wet ‘n Wild doesn’t give names to the colors but they do identify where you should place the shadow by embossing the shadow.  The light shimmery pink goes under the brow bone, the dark chocolate brown with gold shimmer goes into the crease and the gold shimmer goes across the lid.  Will I put those colors there? Probably not, except for the brown.  But the colors themselves have amazing pay off.

The top part of the swatch, where the color is the most concentrated, has Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath, and the bottom of the swatch is what the colors look like without a primer.  As you can see, the colors are extremely saturated with a primer underneath but  not so much without a primer.  And this is just one swipe of the shadow for each, one with the primer and one without.  The pigmentation was very impressive for the brown and the pigmentation is pretty good for the gold and pink.


Overall, this palette looks absolutely gorgeous in my opinion but I have a hard time successfully wearing these colors together.  I love all the colors but the brown is so dark and the pink is so light that its hard to blend them together without the colors looking muddy.  I really do love the shadows and I have gotten some great use out of it but I end up using the shadows in conjunction with other looks rather than using them together like intended.  But for the price along with the pigmentation, no one can complain!


Grade: A-

Price: $2.99

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