Loreal Collagen Moisture Filler Moisturizer

I ran out of my moisturizer about a month and a half ago and since it’s winter, I though I would switch it up and go a lot more heavy duty than what I was using.  I have dry skin that gets flaky, extra dry patches around my mouth and T zone.  Isn’t that weird, most people have to battle oil around their T zone and I have to battle dry patches.  The area around my mouth every year gets awful dry patches and gets extremely red so every winter I try to go for the heaviest, thickest, most moisturizing moisturizer I can find that won’t make me break out.  This year I wanted to try something new so when I saw Loreal was having a buy 1 get 1 for the skin care, I picked up an eye cream and this moisturizer.

I’ve been using this for about a month now so I feel like I can finally give this moisturizer a proper review.  Here’s the bottom line: If you have really dry skin, this is awesome.  If you are older, like late 40s and above, this is awesome.  If you have regular skin, combination skin, oily skin, and don’t have major problems with wrinkles, this isn’t for you.  That’s my whole review in a nut shell.


This is the thickest product I’ve ever used on my face and is designed to give your skin some collagen to plump up the lines in your face to get rid of wrinkles.  This doesn’t promise to get rid of wrinkles entirely but is designed to make them less noticeable and also to give your face an extra oomph for older women who have gradually lost some of the elasticity in their skin.  This moisturizer is so heavy and intense that it has made me change up my entire face routine to make it work for me.  Although I am 24 and don’t have huge problems with wrinkles at this part in my life, I bought it for prevention and also because the areas of my face that need the most moisture are the areas that form the most wrinkles.  I started off by using it during the day before I would put my makeup on and that only lasted for about 3 days because it was so thick and takes a while to sink into your skin so all my makeup fell off my face in less than an hour.

I switched my entire moisturizer routine to accommodate this moisturizer and I began using it only at night and then in the morning I would use it only in the areas that needed the most help (i.e. around my mouth).  I noticed a few things in the month that I tested this out. First, this takes a minute to sink in and by a minute I mean a long time.  Second, I don’t feel or notice a huge difference in my skin with the exception of my dry areas, the dry areas on my face are behaving much better so that goes to show just how moisturizing this is.  Third, I find that a little can go a long way if you don’t want a greasy face but the more you use, the more it works.  That may sound weird because I wouldn’t suggest piling this product on your face but I tried just using a small amount and it didn’t work as well as if you used a larger amount.


Overall, this works amazing on my dry skin for moisturizing but I don’t see any improvement in the elasticity of my face.  But,  I’m not only enough to have major problems in that department so maybe someone who is older than me would have better luck in that department.  I have taken to using this at night and using it only on certain spots for the day but its an awesome night moisturizer.  If you have combination, oily, non-wrinkled skin, this isn’t for you and I wouldn’t suggest it.  But if you have regular to dry skin and need a good night time moisturizer, this is a nice one to try out.  I can’t say I’m in love, probably won’t buy it again, but it does what I want it to and is nice for the winter.


Grade: B

Price: 1.7 oz for $14


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