I’m Back! and a New Years Resolution!

I’m Back!!!!


I finally am back from vacation and unpacked.  Ya know when you get home and you have that intimidating task of unpacking, doing laundry, getting settled and beating jet lag? Yeah, I’m finally getting back to normal, thank god.  I have beaten the jet lag and am ready to begin one of my new years resolutions. Vacation was amazing! I went to London, Edinburgh and all over Ireland and picked up some awesome UK beauty products as well as went down memory lane.  I don’t think I ever wrote about this but I used to live in London so in a way it was like going back to a place I used to consider home.  I got to show my boyfriend where my family came from in Ireland and where I used to hang out in London and the two of us got to experience Scotland for the first time together, since each of us had never been there.  All and all, phenomenal trip!


One of my new years resolutions this year is … blogging! Seems kind of redundant since I blog already but I want to blog every single day in 2012.  If for some reason I can’t blog every day, I want to do at least 7 posts a week.  I love blogging, it is a break from my every day life and since I love nail polish and makeup it is the perfect release and escape from studying.  I started my blog less that a year ago and I have gone back and forth between consistently blogging and taking large breaks in between posts.  No more breaks and no more long absences.


Look forward to seeing more from me! I have a ton of products to review, swatches to post, polishes to showcase and opinions to voice.  Hope you all had a great new years and thanks for sticking with me!

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