Wet ‘n Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palettes

Every year Wet ‘n Wild comes out with limited edition holiday eye shadow palettes, or at least they have for the last few years.  I’ve said this numerous times before but Wet ‘n Wild is majorly stepping up their game when it comes to the quality of their products and it seems like the limited edition palettes are always in high demand and hard to find.  Lucky for me, my Walgreens isn’t that popular so I don’t have a hard time getting my hands on limited edition items, as long as my Walgreens has it (a bad part about a small and unknown drug store they don’t always stock what you want).  These palettes were getting hype from the minute they were released as a Walgreens exclusive almost 2 months ago so I picked up 2 of the 3 since they were on sale, buy one get one free.

These palettes, as you would guess from the name, are baked mineral eye shadows.  These ultra shimmery dome shaped shadows come in 3 different palettes, baking a cake, bake off and baked not fried.  I picked up baking a cake and baked not fried, bake off was an all blue palette and I don’t think I have ever worn blue eye shadow successfully when it wasn’t Halloween.

These also come with a coloricon pencil.  I don’t think I have ever written about the coloricon pencils from Wet ‘n Wild but I love them.  I know a lot of makeup gurus don’t have nice things to say about these but I absolute love them.  My staple brow pencil is a color icon pencil and they are really good quality for the price.  So I was very happy when I got 2 of these pencils and I didn’t have either of the colors.  They gave the black and brown, which surprised me when I looked in my collection and found that I didn’t own either black or brown because I own about 5 or 6 other colors.

Both are really pigmented, this is just one swipe from both but they are also rather shimmery.   Some of my coloricon pencils have a matte finish and some have a more shimmery finish, but that doesn’t bother me.  I don’t have a preference either way for pencil liners, especially since I only use pencil liners for my lower lash and water lines or to smudge and smoke out but some people might care about the texture.

Baked not Fried.  Baked not fried is a neutral palette of 6 mineral shadows.  All are shimmery and this is the palette that is the most universally appealing.

Top half is used with Urban Decay Primer Potion and the bottom half doesn’t have anything underneath.  As you can see, they definitely look better over the primer.  These shadows don’t have a name or number but kind of go up down, left right.  So in order from left to right its the top left shadow, bottom left shadow, top middle shadow, bottom middle shadow, top right shadow, bottom right shadow.  All are ultra shimmery, all warm toned and only 1 dark, 1 light and the rest are somewhere in the midde.


Baking a Cake.  Baking a cake is out of the 3 the most diverse and had the most colors.  The others only had different shades of either brown or blue but this has brown, pink and purple.  Also very shimmery but in my opinion the most fun out of all the palettes.

Again, the top half has Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath and the bottom has nothing underneath.  Same order as the last so from left to right it goes top left shadow, bottom left shadow, top middle shadow, bottom middle shadow, top right shadow, bottom right shadow.  The brown in this palette seems less shimmery than in the other one but also extremely shimmery.

I have to say, I absolute hate the packaging.  The packaging is so flimsy and I really don’t like the fact that you take off the lid completely.  I expected that these would have a flip lid like every other Wet ‘n Wild palette I have but instead it’s fully removable.  The container that it is in isn’t thick or sturdy but rather thin.  With these being baked mineral shadows and in the dome shape I assumed the packaging would be sturdier to make sure they don’t break, since mineral shadows are kind of easy to break, but instead it is the cheapest plastic I have ever come across in cosmetic packaging.

The quality? From the swatches I though I would love these palettes.  I love the colors in Baking a Cake and the swatches seemed so promising but when I tried to use these, the palettes fell so flat.  First, there is a ton of fall out.  Second, even with a primer on the lid they don’t go on pigmented at all.  Third, someone told me to apply them wet and they might work better but I could get them to show up as much as I wanted them too.  They creased a little and just weren’t easy to work with.

Overall, I’m so disappointed.  I wanted to love these but I don’t.  They are so pretty when you look at them in the pan, but the packaging sucks and I can’t get them to apply to my lid the way I can get them to look on my arm.  They are blotchy and apply very patchy.  I’m not a fan and totally bummed because the two middle colors on Baking a Cake are so gorgeous I would love to use them every day.

Grade: D, the only thing that saved them from being an F are the fact that I love the liners they came with

Price: $4.99

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