Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner Review

I’ve talked about the Ulta Rewards program before but for all of you who don’t know, or don’t know what Ulta is, it is an awesome way to get a freebie every now and again.  The Ulta Rewards program is a free program that allows you to get free beauty products based on how much money you spend.  They track how much money you spend every quarter and at the end of those 3 months they send you a list of products that you can choose from.  Last quarter, I didn’t spend much at Ulta so the products on my list weren’t too exciting, except for one item which featured the word “new” in big bold letters.  Neutrogena recently released a new eye liner and I jumped at the chance to try a new product from a brand that I have only ever tried foundations from.

I was excited to try out a new liner and even more excited to see that one of the colors that was available was navy.  There was about 4 colors available at my Ulta but I don’t know if that is the full line or not.  I grabbed “Midnight” because I have been wanting a dark blue eye liner.  I love colored eye liner, especially in the fall and winter, and I’ve been wanting a blue liner for a while since blue makes the whites of your eyes look whiter.

This is multiple swipes.  The first thing I noticed is that this doesn’t go on very easy.  I love the color, this is the perfect shade of navy for me, not too dark where it appears black but also not too light where it appears electric.  Although I love the shade, this was work to get it to appear this pigmented.  This was about 8 or 9 swipes.  When applying it to my eyes, it was much harder to get it this dark on my upper lash line.  My lower lash line I was able to get it this dark but it was work.

Overall, this is nothing extraordinary or special.  Its not something I will reach for every day but it is also something I absolutely hate. I wish it was more pigmented and I wish it was smoother and easier to apply but I like the color and its a nice addition to my makeup collection.  Its pretty average, a little more work to get it on but once its on I really like the result.

Grade: C

Price: I don’t know, I got it for free but Neutrogena is a drug store brand and everything else I have ever purchased has been under $10

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