Butter London “Tart with a Heart”

I was obsessed with finding the Butter London duo for the holidays.  I hunted down the duo at several Ulta’s because I wanted “The Black Knight” more than anything.  When I finally found the duos, “The Black Knight” was available with 2 different colors, a shimmery pink and “Tart with a Heart”.  Since I’m not a huge pink polish fan I gravitated towards the other glitter.

As you can see, even after 3 coats there is visible nail line and that kind of bothers me.  I knew this polish was going to be on the sheer side but expected more from a Butter London polish.  What I loved about this polish was all the colors that were in this glitter.  There is every color of the rainbow and what shocked me the most that was apparent from the first stroke is that there are black flakes in there.  Black glitter in a nude polish? Amazing! There is every color of the rainbow in a nude glitter but the glitter isn’t overly sparkly.  Overall, just glancing down at my nails it doesn’t look like glitter until I get in direct sunlight or look really close.  I like it as a playful professional polish and as a layering polish, but I’m not jazzed overall.

5 thoughts on “Butter London “Tart with a Heart”

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