Top Nail Trends For Spring?

I do follow nail trends.  I’m a beauty and nail polish blogger and nail polish is my weakness so I tend to follow what the big wigs are saying.  I look to other bloggers whom I idolize, such as Scrangie and Vampy Varnish, to see what is the next new thing.  Every once in a while I’ll read magazines like Allure and Cosmo to see what they are saying about nail polish and most of that is what I knew months before.  Every Spring, Summer and Fall there are the “It” colors of the season and everyone seems to have a hand in what they think the nail trends are going to be.  So I’m going to throw my opinion in there too, whether its right or wrong.  I’m not a expert on nail polish, just an amatuer enthusiast who spends way more time that the average obsessed person looking at nail polish.

I do want to say that while I stay on top of what the trends are, theres no rule that says you have to follow them.  Thats the beauty of style, its your own and you should rock whatever makes you feel confident.  If you are a girl who really doesn’t like painting her nails except for the occassional pink or peach, then go crazy with those colors and don’t worry if neon yellow is this seasons “must have”.  If you love black polish all year round, I fully support that.  Wear the polish that makes you feel happy, wear what you love, wear what you’re comfortable with and don’t worry about the trends.

If you want to know what the beauty experts are saying about polish trends for this spring, and a few extra add ins from me, continue reading!

1. Pistachio!

Everyone loves light green right? I love light greens but a lot of time colors like mint green go to far in the blue direction to really look awesome on my skin tone.  I love Essies “Mint Candy Apple” but on me I can only stand it in small doses.  Pistachio is really close to mint green but has more of a yellow undertone that a blue undertone.  So if you’re like me and love light green but have a hard time pulling it off, all the new pistachio colors will be right up your alley.

Essie, Rescue Beauty Lounge and Deborah Lippmann all have pistachio colors coming out this spring!

2. Glitter

Glitter has been big for a while now and it will continue to reign.  Alot of companies are coming out with high end polish dupes, such as the new Revlon colors, but other companies are continuing to release fun glitters.  I’m seeing a big come-back of bar shaped glitter as well.  Every company from OPI to China Glaze, Sally Hansen to Wet ‘n Wild, have released bar glitters over the holidays and this trend doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon (and yay for that!).  Holographic and chunky glitters will continue to be released as well.

OPI, China Glaze, and Nicole by OPI just to name a few have glitters due to come out in several of their upcoming collections.

3. Flakies

For all of you who don’t know what Flakies are, they are a type of glitter that isn’t glitter.  It is an overcoat meant for layering but gives the look of an opal.  They are irregular sized, ultra thin pieces of … um … I don’t know exactly.  But they flash all colors of the rainbow and can be layered over any color to make it flash all sorts of shades.  It gives a rainbow camo effect if that makes any sense.

Finger Paints released an entire collection with just different colored flake glitters this month and Essie recently released a flake polish as well.

4. Magnetic Polish

While I may be passed this trend already, to many magentic polish is still a new thing.  I have a post completely dedicated to magnetic polish that is still being worked on because it will be incredibly long.  What magnetic polish is, it is metallic dust inside the polish (not harmful) and you paint on the polish like normal.  After painting the polish, and its still very wet, you place a magnet over top of the wet polish and lines and designs will form.  It is seriously cool but for a lot of nail enthusiasts, its getting old because its been out for a while.  This last year it became more available and we will only continue to see more brands coming out with magnetic collections to make it even more widely available.

China Glaze is having an entire magnetic polish collection, due to release this spring.

5. Modern Neons

Not technically neon but very bright hues that stand out.  These polishes are polishes that start with a pure white creme base and then add pure pigment so they will be very loud and bright but not a traditional neon.  They will feel like a neon but not be as offensive and be a little bit of a different type of color, such as teals rather than lime green.

Butter London, China Glaze and Sephora by OPI will release these types of shades this spring and OPI just released a few modern neons in the Nicki Minaj collection

Some trends that the professionals say are going to be big, but I don’t know if I full heartedly agree are Orange, Blue, Pastels and Muted Pinks.  Orange was last summers “IT” color and I tried out a few different orange shades to stay up with the trend, but my skin tone hated orange.  Orange seems so last year and even though I hear its coming back that wouldn’t make orange a trend if it is a repeat from last year.  Since orange had its moment last year, I included some new colors that need to shine. Blue and Muted Pink are always in style, I don’t care what people say.  Every season there is some shade of blue, navy for fall and winter, periwinkle for spring and light blue and sky blue for summer.  So saying that Blue will trend is a given.  Same with Muted Pink, which is the most classic color besides red you can get.  Muted Pink is in every girls collection because it is the best professional shade you can get.  I don’t need to hear OPI “Bubble Bath” is going to be popular because it already is and always will be.  And Pastels in spring? Really? Thats also a given.  That is my staple in spring to bust out all my pastel shades.

So that is my list of trends coupled with some things I’ve found in my magazines and the bloggers I worship.  All and all, I can’t wait for pistachio! And I’m a sucker for glitter and flakies.  I’ll definitely be rocking some pastels but will keep with my staple colors no matter what the season is.

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