Wet ‘n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish CVS Exclusive Preview

CVS has a new exclusive Wet ‘n Wild nail polish line! As a lot of you know, I love Wet ‘n Wild products and love that fact that they come out with cheap dupes of really expensive polishes.  I eye a few dupes in this line as well! I don’t know the exact release date but everything I found says early 2012 so be on the look out girls.

15 thoughts on “Wet ‘n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish CVS Exclusive Preview

  1. Im a nail polish collector so ive tried many brands but this wnw spoiled is my absolute favorite I just bought my first two bottles last night “uh, as if & magic carpet ride” love the colors and vibrance of them after only 1 coat and to top it off they dry fast!!! Goin to get a couple more bottles tonight….LOVE this new polish!

      • I cant find the “i tripped on the red carpet” my cvs was almost sold out of all of them (cashier said everybody was buying the spoiled nail polish that day) but I got 4 more “jail bait, black mamba, show me the money & your fly’s down” lookin forward to getting every color though!

  2. This stuff is amazing!!!! The price is so cheap, the color comes out great & the brush is extra wide & thick… HIGHLY recommend!

  3. Just painted my claws with “Bite Me”. Love it! So vampy! Im going to grab a green one for St Patty’s Day on Saturday. Haven’t decided on one yet though.

  4. I painted my nails on Sat. and it’s now Thursday and I have just a small chip by my cuticle. Amazing! Usually my nails are ruined in 2 days. I got Club Rat and it’s a great summer color. Will buy this brand again!

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