Wet ‘n Wild “I (heart) Matte” Palette Review

I have been obsessed with matte eye shadow lately.  I’ve always liked matte shadow but was never something I would purposely buy unless it was in a palette until 3 or 4 months ago when I ran across a blog showing off the Tarte for True Blood palette, which I deeply regret not buying.  The girl showed a lot of looks using matte shades and I immediately tried to recreate a few with the colors I had.  Since then, I’ve almost completely used up my Too Faced “Velvet Revolver” shadow and am searching for more matte shades.  So when I heard Wet ‘n Wild came out with an all matte palette, I knew I needed it.

The Wet ‘n Wild “I (heart) Matte” palette comes with 8 matte shades, 3 neutrals, green, blue, purple, white and black.  Plus one of those dual sided applicators, a sponge tipped side and a brush side, which I have to say I never use.  I was excited that there were a few other colors besides neutrals to play with but I haven’t yet experimented beyond the neutral shades and the black and the white.  Another thing I do love is the fact that you can mix these colors to make darker purple and navy so there are endless matte possibilities.

The top of the swatches are over top Urban Decay Primer Potion and the bottom of the swatches are over bare skin.  You can kind of see the visible line where the primer stops in the green, blue and purple swatches.  But as you can see, some are very very pigmented while others are rather blotchy.

Overall, after using this a lot, I am impressed and disappointed.  While I love the top color of the neutral side, the 5th swatch from the left, and the sandy almost peach color,  the 3rd swatch from the right, and the black, the others are hard to get an even application.  I’ve been using the 3 neutral shades for my every day look for a while now and every time I use the cocoa shade its a battle to get an even blend.  I wish it wasn’t so patchy because I really wanted to love this.  I think its a great palette for the price and it’s really nice to have matte bright shades but be prepared to spend some extra time making sure its even (even over a primer).

Grade: B- The price and the color range saved this palette and the fact that not all the shades are patchy, just half of them.

Price: $4.99

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