Glitter Gal “Green”

My first holographic polish!  I’ve been obsessed with holographic polish since I saw swatches of the China Glaze OMG collection.  That collection came out about a year before I really became interested in nail polish and it is the one collection that I really regret not being able to get my hands on.  So needless to say, I really really want to get my hands on some holographic polishes.  Then Glitter Gal began getting a lot of attention on nail blogs and I began to drool. After months and months of having these polishes on my wish list on amazon, I finally bit the bullet and purchased 2 of these expensive expensive polishes.

Glitter Gal “Green” is a light sea foam green holographic polish.  I debated on getting silver or this color and I kind of wish I had gotten the silver.  I love the holographic-ness of this polish! It is so pretty but I wish this polish jumped off my nails more.  The sea foam green is more subtle but still gorgeous.   I wish this picture showed off just how intense the rainbow effect is in direct sunlight.  What I don’t love is the price for the size.  These polishes are so small for the $16 price tag.  I know they are Australian and shipping may have jacked up the price but $16 for .3 fl oz? That’s more than a Chanel when you do the math with the ounces! Is it worth it for a rainbow in a bottle? I will have to try out the other Glitter Gal polish I bought before I can make a decision.

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