Best Products of 2011!

Now that 2011 is over its time for me to reflect a little on what I loved the most beauty wise.  There a lot of products that I discovered this past year, but these were the ones that made the biggest impact.  These are my favorite products from 2011!

Keep reading for a description of the product and why I loved them so much!

products mentioned:

– too faced natural eye palette:

The reason I chose this palette more than any other palette or eye shadow I purchased all year is because this one got the most use.  I purchased in back in early 2011, I think in February, because I couldn’t get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  I thought this palette would be a nice alternative and I ended up using it more than my Naked Palette once I got my hands on one.  Although it has less colors, the range is better and includes more finishes than the Naked Palette.  I can create more looks with this palette and one of the colors in this palette has become an all time favorite color of mine.  Velvet Revolver is no my go to “best friend” color and that’s why this palette won as my favorite for this year.
– wet ‘n wild color icon pencils

Although many makeup people would look down on these pencils, these were totally invaluable to me this year.  I first discovered these in 2010 when I wanted to use white on my water line to make my eyes look bigger but I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on white eye liner in case I didn’t like the look.  So I found the Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon pencil in white and it was 99 cents.  Although I wasn’t the biggest fan on the white on my waterline, the white did because my every day eye brow highlight, or the base for my eye brow and inner corner highlight.  Once blended out, this stays all day so I quickly went and purchased 4 more.  Then later in 2011 I purchased even more shades and one of the shades I purchased became my signature eye brow pencil.  I was so excited to find an eye brow pencil to perfectly match my eye brow color that isn’t an arm and a leg and it stays all day.  That’s why these made the list …They are very inexpensive, you get a long ass pencil for what you’re paying for it (longer in size than any other pencil on the market), and they actually work and stay.  And now 2 of them I use in my every day routine.

– essence gel liners

These made the list because they are what got me to use gel liner in the first place.  Prior to 2011, I had never tried gel liner.  Shocking, I know.  But I love liquid liner, even now I still prefer liquid to gel but I wanted to try out gel liner this year but didn’t want to spend the money on a high end liner if I didn’t know I was going to like the end result.  Then I saw the essence gel liners.  For $2.99 you get the same amount of product as a MAC gel liner that’s waterproof and smudge-proof and lasts all day.  I ended up getting all the colors they have and the purple is now one of my every day liners.  These introduced me to gel liner and now I own more gel liners than liquid and that is why they made this list.

– nars orgasm

Who hasn’t heard of this blush? Nars Orgasm is probably the best selling blush of all time, or at least that’s what I heard at Sephora.  So last Christmas when I was looking to revamp my entire makeup collection, the girl at Sephora was shocked to find out I didn’t own Nars Orgasm.  I took her word, and every other females word, and purchased it and never looked back.  Last spring, this was my signature blush, I never wore anything else.  I used it so much in a few months I hit pan.  It ended up taking a back seat and I have since found some dupes but it is still one of my favorite blushes in my collection.  It is seriously the best universal blush and if you haven’t tried it, you need to.

– fox in a box smooth talker

Another blush, I went crazy with blush in this list.  I loved Nars Orgasm all spring but my summer favorite went to Smooth Talker.  I first heard about Fox in a Box through YouTube as a dupe for Benefits “Sugar Bomb” and immediately ran out to try it.  Benefit blushes have such an amazing reputation so anything that is supposed to be the same but cheaper I’m all about.  This blush gives the best peachy frosty finish, but not shimmery, and in the summer when I had a tan this looked like the perfect flush of color and gave that dewy sun kissed look.  I was in love and I also hit pan in just a few months.  I don’t think I stopped using this blush all summer and that’s why it was a no brainer to put on this list.

– tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed

And for my favorite blush for the fall, it easily went to Exposed.  This made me love neutral blushes over pink or peach blushes.  I absolutely love this blush and it gives you the most natural flush in the entire world.  When using this blush you don’t need anything else on your cheeks.  By using this blush, I have stopped using bronzer and highlighters because this makes your cheeks look awesome all by itself.  I’m in love!  Out of all the blushes I mentioned, this one wins hands down.

– tarte lip surgence lip stains

These got a lot more attention in the first two thirds of the year than over the fall but these were still my favorite lip products of 2011.  I have issues with lip products and I tend to use more chapstick than anything else.  I have celiacs disease, which is an intolerance to gluten and if anyone wants to know more please fell free to shoot me an email.  But a lot of lip products have gluten in them so I tend to just stay away from lip products all together, but I read that Tarte is gluten free so I wanted to give them a try.  I haven’t looked back and Tarte is now one of my favorite brands and this is the second product of theres to make my favorites list.  These lip stains are the longest lasting but they are a great formula and very pigmented.  I wrote a whole review about them if you want to read more you can click here.

– mario badescu drying lotion

This was my favorite skincare product I discovered this year.  This is some sort of magical solution that when you put a dab on your face it makes your pimple go away.  I have since bought 2 of these because believe it or not, it works like a dream at drying out your zits and making them disappear in a day or 2.  And in the last month, my boyfriend discovered my bottle and I have now officially “lost” this product.  He claims it as his now, and it goes to show that this product is a miracle in a bottle and people with all skin types and both sexes benefit from this product.  It is a definite holy grail product.

– flower by kenzo

Last Christmas my boyfriend got my the Sephora perfume sampler, which is the worlds best gift for any female.  Basically, you get 10 samples of the best selling perfumes of that year, an atomizer, and a certificate to get the big size of whatever perfume you like the best.  When I first smelled Flower, I hated it, but once it settles on your skin it gives the most beautiful feminine scent ever! I had it in my Sephora Sampler and am so happy because I never would have gotten this if it wasn’t.  When you first smell it, its not the best but the dry down is fantastic! I have used this all year round and have almost exhausted the bottle.

– tocca guilletta

This is now my signature scent.  This is another thing I attribute to YouTube.  One of the girls I watch said this was her favorite and I had never heard of it so I went out and smelled it and now I wear it practically every day.  This is my signature scent and it is feminine and beautiful but nothing like flower by kenzo.  It is a unique scent that I always get compliments on.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back after finding this scent.

– butter london polishes

I discovered butter london polishes this year and have never looked back.  They are now one of my favorite brands and have quickly have accumulated more butter london’s than my china glaze collection.  I can’t say enough about the quality of this brand.  Although they may not have the best color range, the quality of the polishes more than makes up for it.

– deborah lippmann polishes

Another brand new to me this year.  Although I discovered DL polishes a long time ago, 2011 was the first time I bit the bullet and bought one.  I now own 7 and just want more and more.  She does glitter better than anyone else I know! I have done some nail of the days with DL’s so you can see some examples but my DL’s have quickly become my favorites.  My favorite blue is a DL, my favorite red is DL and my favorite nude is a DL. I’m in love!

So those are all my favorites for 2011 I hope you like this! If you have any favorites please let me know, I would love to hear about what people are loving because it gives me a chance to try out some new products.  If you agree or disagree let me know too!

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