December Julep Maven Box

This blog post is way over due.  Way way over due.  I got my December Julep Maven Box a month and a half ago and I am just not getting to this post.  In my own defense, there was no way I could review some of these products without taking the time to actually wear them.  But I have to say I have completely changed by tune about Julep.  I know a lot of people had issues with Julep, they had some kinks they had to resolve in the first few months, and I was one of those people complaining until my December box came.  I was pleasantly surprised with what I got in my box.

The box came wrapped this month! Just like a present! I loved it.

This was the card that came in my box. Basically I got 4 things in my December box …

– Nail Strips (like the Sally Hansen ones)

-Helena Nail polish

– Fast Dry Top Coat

– Glitter Pot

Fast Dry Top Coat.  There’s nothing really particularly great about this top coat, I’ve only used it a handful of times because its hard to compare to Seche Vete, but the times I did use it I found it to be extremely thin.  Although it does dry fast, its super super thin and runny so be careful applying it and also you’ll need about 8 coats to cover up a gritty glitter texture.  If you aren’t concerned with texture, then no worries, one coat will be fine.  Another thing I noticed, while it does dry fast it doesn’t make your manicure dry fast.  If you’re a Seche user like myself, then you know you can apply it to a tacky or half dry manicure and it will make your manicure completely dry and you can go about your day.  With this, you need your manicure 100% dry before you apply this top coat or else you’ll get the colors bleeding together or dents in your manicure.  I can’t comment on longevity because I rarely keep my manicure on long enough for it to chip.  Its an OK back up but can’t compare to Seche Vete.

Glitter Pot.  I was really excited about these gum drop looking big balls for your nails until I saw other people’s YouTube videos showing their glitter pots.  I think my style profile got shafted with these because you get about 1 or 2 uses with this mini pot of “glitter” while other people got full puts of loose glitter (like the picture on the card would suggest).  These seem to me like the type of balls that you put on tacky acrylic nails.  While these aren’t my style at all and I wish I could have gotten a real glitter pot, these could be fun at some point.  I’m glad I got something different put I think these will chip off my nails so fast and I can’t use them like the directions tell me too because I can’t dip my nails into them.  They seem like such an after thought while the other Julep boxes I’ve seen got really fully glitter pots.  Kind of disappointed.

Helena.  This is the type of color that I never would have bought for myself.  I am so happy this came in my box because while I’m not a pink girl, I found myself liking this neon pink creme.  This is one coat and I would do another if I were going to wear this manicure for an extended period of time, but for this time of the year I wasn’t feeling something so bright.  I can’t wait for the summer so I can wear this! And I feel like this won’t leave my toes once June hits.  Getting a color like this reminds me why I signed up for this service, to force myself to try something I never would have tried normally.  I never would have bought this color and I’m finding myself making plans for future manicures with this polish.

Nail Appliques:  I was so excited to try these nail strips! And I have to say I really really liked them.  They come with a file and a orange stick to help with application.  I’m not going to go into how to apply them because its the same method as the rest of the nail strips on the market, and if you want to know how to do that there are 10 million blog posts about it, or you can read the directs on the box.  Although I’m not one to keep the same manicure on for more than a day or two, I kept these on for as long as I could stand to find out just how long they last.

The silver dots are like a minx manicure! They were hardcore like tin foil! They are so bright when they hit the light and the weird part is that this is a textured nail applique.  The dots are raised off the black and they are actually 2 separate layers, which I realized later when the dots started to come off.  Although I thought these looked so freaking awesome, the raised textured dots started to chip off almost right away.  Since the silver dots are on a different layer than the black the dots chipped off and left just the black.  After a few days all the dots around the tips of my nails were gone and all the dots around my cuticles were gone as well.  Basically, no staying power for the entire look.  While the black stayed on for over a week the dots came off instantly and made it look sloppy.  I loved the immediate look but it didn’t last long.  The removal process was a dream though so at least it was easy to get rid of the sloppiness once I couldn’t take it anymore.


Overall, I’m very happy with the box.  I’m glad that for $20 I got all of this stuff.  If I compare the prices to things I would buy in normal life (not off Julep’s website) I would spend $8 on a nail polish, $10 on a top coat, $10 on the nail strips and an unknown amount on however much the glitter pots cost.  So I’m saving at least $10 this month and got products I never would have bought myself! I’m very happy and can’t say enough good things about this box.  Although I wasn’t happy with how long the nail strips lasted, I now have a new appreciation for the nail strips and a whole new world of nail products I can explore now!


Is anyone else a Julep Maven? If so, what have your boxes been like?

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