Models Own “Utopia”

I am majorly procrastinating right now.  I have a legal writing assignment and a research assignment due in a few hours (and its sunday, who does that?) and I am purposely not doing them at the moment.  I could take up this entire post writing about how much I don’t want to do these assignments but this isn’t about how much I don’t like school, its about nail polish.  My last post was about the products I got while I was in the UK and this is one of them! I was hunting for the Models Own “Beetlejuice” collection while I was over there but couldn’t find it anywhere! I ended up going for a more subtle creme color and am pleasantly surprised with how it looks on my skin tone.

Models Own “Utopia” is a pale pink/lilac/beige creme color.  I know that is a weird way to describe a color but its that perfect mix of the pinky purple color and beige making it close to a neutral but still enough of a pale pastel that it can be worn in any situation.  I felt very sophisticated and lady like while wearing this polish and couldn’t believe how many compliments I got! I wore it for my first day back to school and multiple girls in my class commented on how perfect it was and asked where to get it because its a nice mix of being polished and professional but still have a hint of color.  Then I went out with my best friend, another nail polish junkie like myself, and she tried to steal it because she wanted it so badly.  I think this color would look good on any skin tone and is a dream to work with.  Although my index finger looks all bumpy (my fault by the way not the polish) it was 2 coats, quick drying and didn’t chip for about 4 or 5 days and on me that’s a god send.  I love this color and its a great addition to my collection and now I know I need more Models Own colors.

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