Butter London Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Preview!

The Butter London Spring/Summer collection came out a few days ago and I couldn’t be more excited! I discovered Butter London polishes last winter with No More Waity Katie and my love affair has lead to an unhealthy amount of Butter London polishes.  Now that I’ve seen the promotional materials for this Spring/Summer collection I’m going to go broke!

This isn’t the best picture of the colors so I went to the Butter London website and got a few more for you guys!

“Bossy Boots” is an extremely light pistachio green.  There’s that pistachio color that is going to be huge this spring.  I’ve seen swatches on other blogs and other people are claiming that its opaque in 2 coats and an ultra light green creme with a little bit of a yellow undertone.

“Disco Biscuit” is a hot pink jelly with a blue microglitter.  Hot pink is supposed to be another hot color this spring but adding a blue microglitter makes this color more unique than your average hot pink.

“Knackered” seems like a light blue/purple duochrome with a ton of silver shimmer in there.  But if you look at swatches on other peoples blogs it seems like a a grey duochrome that shimmers to purple and green.  Very reminiscent of Deborah Lippmann’s “Wicked Game”, Wet ‘n Wild “Gray’s Anatomy”, OPI “Not Like the Movies”, and the list goes on.  The grey duochrome is done but what makes this color more unique is that what I thought was silver shimmer at first is really a holographic shimmer. So a grey duochrome holographic? That’s a lot of fun in one bottle.

“Slapper” is a bright bright teal creme.  Again, Butter London is hitting all the Spring trends because this definitely qualifies as a modern neon.

“Trout Pout” is described as an opaque shade of cantaloupe.  I’ve seen swatches online, and it seems like a muted coral.  Not as bright as a true coral but it has that pinky orange hue that seems to be taken down a notch on the pigmentation.  I liked the way this looked swatched more than in the picture here.


I want Bossy Boots like nobody’s business.  That color is #1 on my list right now and I have already scoped out my Ulta to see if they have gotten this collection yet.  Sadly, they don’t have it yet and couldn’t tell me when it would come in but you better believe I’ll be stalking my Ulta about once a week to get my hands on this collection.


Are there any colors that you are wanting or dying to have?

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