Essie Navigate Her Spring 2012 Collection

I promise promise promise this will be my last collection preview for at least a few posts.  I think I’ve now hit the big ones, with the exception of Deborah Lippmann, and have officially highlighted most of the new polishes coming out.  I know this isn’t the only Essie collection coming out this spring but this is the one I was able to get the most information on.  The other collection has already come out and I’m hearing girls go crazy over “Armed and Ready” (I think that’s the name) but this one hasn’t come out yet so hopefully this is news to some of you reading.

“Navigate Her” this is the color of the collection.  You know how Essie always has the signature color of the collection, the one that the collection is named after (or the color that’s named after the collection?), well this one is it! So be prepared to see this color as their display color.  This pistachio creme is a light opaque green that I bet would look fabulous on a tan or a darker skin tone.

“A Crewed Interest” is a light peach creme.  In my last post about Orly’s new collection, they have a color that is very similar.  Without seeing them side by side I won’t call them dupes but light peach seems to be another popular color.

“To Buy or Not To Buy” and that is the question! And I know a ton of girls will be asking this very question while holding this polish in their hand.  Well done Essie with this name! I don’t know why, maybe its my inner geek, but I love the name. This is a pale lilac shimmer that is such a pretty girly color.  I have a feeling this will be a popular shade.

“Tour de Finance” ok what’s up with this name? I get that its a play on words for Tour de France but I don’t get how a bright pink has anything to do with finance.  This bright fuchsia has a nice shimmer/sheen to it and fuchsia is another really popular color this spring.

“Ole Caliente” is a bright orange red creme.  This is a spicy color and I bet would turn out really bright on your nails.

“Orange, it’s Obvious” is an orange creme.  I can’t say any more about this color than its a true orange creme.


Essie hit most of the nail trends in this spring collection and I have to say I really want Navigate Her and A Crewed Interest.  Essie has stepped up their game in terms of consistency and opacity so I’m excited to try some of these out.


What do you guys think? Are any of these a “must have” or have you seen this collection in stores yet?

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