Revlon Color Stay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Inspired

I was at Ulta the other day and saw this display of a new Revlon eyeshadow quads.  I have never tried a Revlon eyeshadow but I have to admit, I’m currently in love with the Revlon Color Stay foundation. So when I saw the display that said Color Stay, it caught my attention.  But what I have to say might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m always drawn into anything that has the words new on it so I immediately picked up this beauty and though these might be fun spring colors.   I am getting more into fun eye shadows, which is a big departure from my normal neutral look, and for $7.49 I thought that isn’t too much to try out something new and different for me.

The colors upon looking at them seem really buttery and creamy.  The quad has 4 colors, obviously since its a quad, but something different form a lot of other quads I have you get more of two colors than the other two.  Most quads are equal amounts of 4 colors but this one had a larger light green and light pink and smaller dark purple and bright blue.  I was a little surprised but happy because I knew I wouldn’t use them that much anyways. I had such high hopes for this palette.  I use a light pink as my inner corner and inner lid color almost every single day because I have green eyes so it helps make them pop more.  I figured if I didn’t wear the other colors, at least I could get some good use out of the light pink.  But sadly, these let me down.

These swatches don’t have any primer underneath and I probably could have dug into the product more, but I applied them how I would normally apply my eye shadows.  These don’t have the best color pay off.  When I swatched them on my finger tips they looked really nice but upon transferring them it was hard to get a good color payoff.  I think if I really tried and applied a lot of product I would get the payoff and is shown in the display, but I don’t want to work that hard to make my makeup look good.  There are more pigmented eye shadows on the market for much cheap (cough cough wet ‘n wild cough cough).

Overall, while I love the colors, I just wanted more pigmentation.  The consistency was really nice though.  The blue with little silver glitter/shimmers in it was surprisingly smooth and wasn’t gritty at all.  When I saw the look it gave I was pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t feel the silver particles, especially since they go on the eye.  I can’t comment on fall out because I wasn’t willing to apply as much as I would need to get a good color payoff.  I suspect that if I really tried ot make these eye shadows opaque there would be a considerable amount.  I’m not impressed and I really wanted to be because most of the colors are so pretty and I love the Color Stay line from Revlon.

Grade: C- Not pigmented but a good consistency.

Price: $7.49

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