Crystal has Gone Gonzo

This is my current manicure.  I’m actually staring at my nails while I’m typing about this picture which seems so weird for me because normally I write about my nail of the day, the day after I wear it.  But this is day 3 of my manicure, sorry I forgot to take the picture the day I painted them.  So you can see some wear on the tips on my nails.  I was contemplating making a video about my favorite nail polishes for 2011 and when going through my collection I ran across the nail polish I practically lived in last winter.  Zoya “Crystal” was one of the first polishes that I “had to have” and hunted down to no end.  I remember it took me about a month of going into random stores looking for this polish before I got my hands on it.  It definitely isn’t the polish that was the hardest to find for me, that title goes to another polish, but it was definitely the one that got the most use last winter.  So I decided to pull it out again to see if I still had the same love for it.

Crystal came out in the winter 201o collection and was the must have in the collection.  Its a medium toned, denim blue metallic foil but what makes it completely unique is the fact that it has A TON of gold flecks in it.  Its hard to tell from far away but you can easily see from the picture on my middle finger (you can click on the picture to blow it up) all the gold flecks inside the polish.  Its so pretty and one of the more unique colors I own.  The formula isn’t as great because its a little sheer.  This is 3 coats and now one day 3 I have a ton of chips and wear on the tips. But for someone who changes their nail polish as much as I do I rarely wear a polish long enough for it to chip.

Since I can’t just have 1 color on all 5 fingers, or rarely can unless I’m trying out a new color, I had to add a color I purchased back in October and still haven’t really worn on its own.  I did a layering experiment with a ton of different glitter with this polish but this was the first time this polish got some attention on its own.  OPI “Gone Gonzo” was released with the OPI Muppets collection and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.   I wanted this polish so bad and was so excited when I got it.  I’ve used it once before this but upon using it this time, I was so disappointed.  The polish is in a clear base and wasn’t as opaque as the others in the same collection.  I felt like I was putting on the thickest coat to get any coverage of the glitter.  Then, after the 1st coat, the brush completely broke! The brush came out of the lid completely! I had to stop my manicure and try to put this thing back together and got glitter all over my hands.  It was such a waste of time and effort for a sheer glitter.  The glitter in this picture was 3 coats! And 3 coats of Crystal underneath! 6 coats of polish is ridiculous to make it look opaque.  I’m disappointed and hoping that I just got a bad bottle of Gone Gonzo, but I’ve heard from others that theirs was sparse as well.

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