Easy Going Snow Globe

Sorry for the quality of the lighting in this picture.  I haven’t done a nail of the day post in a while, but believe me I’ve been taking pictures of all my manicures.  This was a manicure from a few days ago.  I am doing a makeup and nail polish swap with a friend of mine on YouTube who lives in Toronto.  There are a ton of brands she can’t get that I love and a ton of brands that I had never even heard of that are exclusive to Canada.  So when we decided to do this swap the first thing I thought of getting her was sinful colors nail polish.  My love affair with nail polish was all thanks to Sinful Colors, because that was the brand that was cheap and available at my local Walgreens with the biggest color selection.  While buying colors for her, I found a few colors for myself as well, and Sinful Colors “Easy Going” was one of the ones that I’ve always had my eye on.

Easy Going is an extremely like pink creme that is seriously so opaque its not even funny.  I was so surprised about the easy of application and how opaque this was.  Pale pinks have the reputation of being really sheer and awful to work with and this was probably the easiest pink I’ve ever owned.  This pink was easier to work with than Butter London “Teddy Girl” which was my signature and all time favorite pink in the world. Teddy Girl now has a run for her money!  And speaking of money, a $1.99 polish that might have beaten my favorite $14 polish? Totally worth it.  Then I couldn’t just let it be a regular manicure so I added China Glaze “Snow Globe” to my ring finger.  I’m still undecided about Snow Globe, I haven’t been able to make it really work for me which really disappoints me.  Every time I use it, it gives a yellowish dirty cast to the nail and the chunky pieces of opalescent glitter seem to make the polish look dented and pot marked rather than a clean layer over top.  I’m determined to make it work because its so pretty in the bottle but I haven’t made it work yet.  Did anyone else have that problem?

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