Sleek Divine Original Palette Review

Another one of things I picked up while I was overseas.  I’ve heard people rave about these Sleek Palettes so I knew I had to pick one up.  When I was looking through the massive display of Sleek Palettes I had no idea which would to get, so I grabbed the one with the biggest color range.  That one ended up being the Sleek Divine Original and had all baked mineral eye shadows.

The outside of the box

The outside of the palette.  I love the packaging! I’ve always had a thing for the contrast between matte and glossy finishes.  Any time I see packaging like this I have a tendency to buy it just because I think it looks so … for lack of a better word … sleek!

Each of the palettes comes with 12 colors.  12! I was so surprised to get that many shadows in one palette for such a low price.  The original comes with the widest range of colors.  Yellow, purple, green, blue, black, coppers, so many colors that I don’t really have in my collection.  I’ve always been partial to neutral eyeshadows so having a palette that has some neutrals and vibrant colors is so practical and inspiration for me.

Here are swatches over bare skin going up down left right (does that make sense?).  As you can see, they all are very pigmented and I wish that there wasn’t a glare in the picture because that yellow shade on the far left is much more pigmented than the picture shows.

Overall, I freaking love this! I love the yellow (second from the left), the peach (4th from the left), the navy (almost in the middle) and the pinkish cooper (the middle). I haven’t used all the colors in an eye look yet but I want to do eye of the day posts with this palette because I’m getting so much inspiration from these .  The navy is fantastic and blends so well.  The only negative is a personal thing, I wish there was one more matte shade because 11 ultra shimmery shades and 1 matte. But if you love shimmery shadows then it doesn’t much matter because the quality for the price is totally worth it and I will be ordering more

Grade: A

Price: around 5 pounds.  Anyone in the US can order from and they price it at $10 but you do have a cost for shipping.  I’m so jealous of y’all in the UK that can get these cheap palettes

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