Models Own Grace Green

Another one of my UK polishes.  This was the first one that I grabbed while lurking through Super Drug.  I love green nail polishes and believe it or not, I don’t own any type of army murky green like this.  I have a ton of teals that are close but none that are just plain green.  So when I saw this in the Models Own display I was quick to snatch up this beauty.  What I found when I tried out this beauty made it my hands down favorite of all the polishes I brought back to the states.

Models Own “Grace Green” is a medium toned army green creme and applies like a dream.  Its very rare for me to find a polish that is fully opaque in one coat, especially one that is a medium toned color.  I think every single color I have in my collection with the exception of one requires more than one coat.  The fact that this is only one coat and it looks next to perfect is phenomenal! I am so impressed with this polish and have since worn it several times.  Although I think this is going to be a better color come spring time, I am so excited to have this in my collection now.  This just became my “on the fly” polish, ya know, the type of polish where if you’re in a bind and need to paint your nails quickly it will be one coat and fast drying.  This is a very welcome addition to my collection.

3 thoughts on “Models Own Grace Green

    • i don’t know if its only available in the UK but thats where i got this one. hopefully you can get it in australia but i’m so jealous that you’re from australia! thats my dream vacation plus you get so many polishes there that are fantastic

      • We do?! Please tell me which brands you recommend that are in Australia, I’d love to try some different ones! I’m so jealous you’re from the UK, I’d absolutely love to go there! We should switch places! 😉

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