Revlon Color Stay Foundation

I hinted about this foundation in my Revlon Color Stay Eye Shadow review so I figured it was time to do a proper review.  I kept hearing about this foundation in YouTube videos and was really curious.  I go through phases with my foundation.  In the summer I will only wear a tinted moisturizer, no matter how bad my skin looks, and wouldn’t dream of using a full coverage foundation.  In the winter, I don’t know how I ever used a tinted moisturizer and hunt out the fullest coverage foundation on the market.  So when the weather started getting colder I began reaching for my Laura Mercier foundation.  Since that was left over from last winter it didn’t take long to go through it and I began searching for a new full coverage foundation.

I am in color 180 Sand Beige, which I believe is the 3rd lightest.  I grabbed this back in November and it took me a while to really use it because at that point it still seemed a little heavy to me.  I have since began using it more and more and now it is my every day foundation so I feel like I can now give it a proper review.

To give a proper review of just how full coverage this is I put a small amount next to the freckle on my left hand.  Although the swatch looks large, it isn’t at all.  I took a small dot and spread it a little to get the entire dot off my finger.  But watch what happens to my freckle after I blend the foundation out.

Freckle almost completely gone.  Although the picture makes it seem like this color doesn’t match me, it matches my face perfectly.  Now onto my review.  This foundation is more full coverage than anything I’ve ever used, including the Laura Mercier.  I hate to try to compare to the Laura Mercier because these are totally different companies and formulas, but that was my signature foundation last winter and this has since taken its place.  The coverage is flawless, completely opaque and very full coverage.

Since it is really full coverage, it has a tendency to fell that way.  It isn’t one of those foundations that you put on and forget its there.  It feels like you’re wearing foundation and right after I apply it while its still drying it sort of feels like a clay face mask.  Once it dries it isn’t as bad but you still feel it on your face.  It also smells like it.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve never had a foundation where you can smell it on your face while you’re applying and for a while after you apply it.  To me that was so weird, I’ve never had an issue with the smell of my foundation.

Aside from the feel on my skin and smell, I really like this foundation.  It is so full coverage that it has a tendency to be cakey if I apply too much but it blends so easily and has a great finish.  It isn’t completely matte so while it gives a full coverage that makes you look flawless and real.  I love the look that it gives but what I love more is that it stays on all day and doesn’t oxidize.  This foundation claims to stay on for 16 hours and I have to say, I’ve tested it for a full 13 plus hours and it looks like I just applied it! It doesn’t fade or smudge or change colors with the oils of my skin.  It doesn’t move at all and seriously looks like you just applied it hours after you did, and you don’t have to use any sort of setting spray.

Overall, it walks a fine line between being too much and being perfect.  It can go cakey if you apply too much and it isn’t the lightest feeling foundation.  But it stays all day, its basically like glue on your face to make you have the most flawless movie star complexion, and it sometimes feels like glue.  I have to say, this is now my every day foundation but I am going to start mixing it with my moisturizer to get a lighter finish.  I really like this and its an amazing winter foundation, or a foundation for those that want a full full coverage but be prepared for feeling this on your face.

Grade: B+

Price: Varies, especially if its on special.  But I got mine from Ulta for $13.99


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