Philosophy Hope in a Jar Moisturizer Review

I have been trying to get a stable skin care routine.  I keep changing up my face wash and moisturizer whenever I go through an entire bottle of one product.  But one thing has remained the same throughout the last few years … Every other time I go through an entire jar of one moisturizer, I go back to Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar.

I was first introduced to this a few years ago in the check out line of Sephora.  If you’re familiar with Sephora then you know that they always get you with all the smaller and cheaper high end products.  You stand in a long line and end up seeing all the products you want for half the size and half the price.  If you’re ever thinking about purchasing high end products you can always look to the check out line first because you might get lucky and score a smaller version of it.  That is how I found Hope in a Jar! I heard it was a good moisturizer but didn’t want to spend the $36 on a jar of it.  So when I found it for cheaper and could try it out without the guilt of spending a ton of money, I immediately snatched it up.

Now for a little bit of a story/learning curve.  This moisturizer is one of the most light weight moisturizers I’ve ever worn but actually moisturizes my skin.  I have dry skin in the winter with really bad dry patches around my mouth.  I’ve spoken about this problem on here before and in the winter I tend to go for a more heavy duty moisturizer, but after getting the Loreal Collagen Moisturizer I needed something a little lighter.  Using this as my day moisturizer and the Loreal at night has made a huge difference in the feel of my skin. Although its really light, the moisturizer feels very creamy and light weight but not watery.  Sometimes light weight moisturizers are on the runny, watery side but this one isn’t like that at all.

One thing that I do need to report is how this moisturizer dries. The first time I bought this moisturizer, I ended up getting a jar that had been opened by someone else (but not used).  The result … the consistency was different.  Since it was the first time I used it, I thought that was the way the consistency was meant to be.  After buying 3 or 4 more jars, and being completely convinced that they had changed the formula, I had finally figured out what happened with the consistency! If you leave the cap off this moisturizer and expose this to air, the consistency turns out to be like a harder version of whipped cream (if that makes any sense).  I left the cap off and the moisturizer that was left on the top of the lid ended up getting that same chunkier consistency.  Either way, the moisturizer still works really well.

Overall, this is my go to summer moisturizer.  The smell is refreshing, sort of like eucalyptus, so after you apply it you get a cooling sensation.  It soothes your skin while feeling like you aren’t wearing anything.  The only complaint I have is that it is too light weight for the winter for my skin, but for someone who has oily skin it might be exactly what the doctor ordered.  If you have extra dry skin and don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, then you won’t like this at all.  But if you like light weight moisturizers that soothe your skin then this is totally worth the money.

Grade: A-

Price: $36

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