January Julep Maven Box

Another long over due Julep post.  I have since gotten my February Julep box and I have to say I am very pleased with this one as well.  I started singing a different tune when it comes to Julep after my December Box and I have since been more than pleasantly surprised with each box after.  The January “It Girl” box was a welcomed treat when I got 3 polishes and some extras!

This month 3 polishes came with a base coat and nail polish remover pads.  5 things for $20? I don’t like the fact that Julep polishes are extremely expensive for the amount of product you get.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Julep polishes are $14 a piece for .27 ounces of product, which is twice the price and half the polish as normal brands.  If you do the math a Julep polish would be more expensive than a Deborah Lippmann or Chanel polish if you were to buy the amount in one of their bottles.

The base coat I got in my very first box and have since been using it for months.  This base coat is like glue.  Once you put it on, your polish won’t move for days.  I’ve never used a stronger base coat! Honestly, this base coat gets rave reviews and now I have 2 bottles! Always nice to have a back up.  The only down side and this is a personal preference, is that it isn’t strengthening base coat.  I have thin weak nails so I mainly only use some sort of nail therapy treatment to help my nails stop from easily breaking.  But its an amazing base coat none the less.

The nail polish remover pads, there isn’t much to say about them.  The polish remover is pretty good but I use pure acetone, which probably don’t help with weakening my nails.  But what I loved was that I’ve never tried remover pads before, which are pretty ideal for traveling.  There isn’t much to say about makeup remover pads but one pad can remove the polish from all 10 fingers (if you’re wearing the right polish).  If you’re wearing a creme polish thats easy to remove and doesn’t stain your nails then these things are just convenient.

Now onto the colors…

Megan.  Megan is a medium toned sea blue that has a really strong green shimmer.  I wouldn’t call this a duochrome but it does seem to shimmer from blue to green.  This was really sheer though, I used one regular coat and then a second rather thick coat because I was too lazy to try to do three.  Its a has a hardly noticeable streaking tendency but overall is a really nice color.

Hayden.  Hayden is a light tangerine creme shade.  Honestly the whole reason I stuck with my “It Girl” box rather than looking at other boxes was because I wanted Hayden.  I’m getting into spring, which means all my pastels are coming out.  A girl who likes to wear pastels in spring? Totally original.  Hayden was opaque in 2 coats and super creamy.  I loved this polish, this is how I can get behind an orange.  This polish hasn’t left my toes since I got my box.

Leah.  Leah is a lime green creme with a while pearl shimmer.  The shimmer is so slight that you can only see it in my bottle and when the perfect light hits your nails.  I tried to capture it here so hopefully you can tell.  This also was opaque in 2 coats and easy to work with.  Yes, I suck at clean up but I was on a swatching day so I got lazy after a while.

Overall, all the colors were fun and easy to work with.  I was a little surprised about how bright and “summer” like these colors were for a box in January.  Hayden was my favorite but I bet Leah will get a lot of use in the summer.  Like last month, I loved this month because I got colors that I don’t own! I don’t have a lime green or a light tangerine creme.  I never would have bought Hayden because orange hates my skin tone and looks pretty awful but this orange I love! And since orange is supposed to be “in” again this one might get a lot of use.  Again, great polish quality and my biggest complaint about the price and the products Julep sends is completely eradicated.  5 products for $20 now seems worth it to me.

2 thoughts on “January Julep Maven Box

    • they probably will make a nail polish box soon! i wish that there was a type of box that sent nail polish but like those beauty boxes they sent a variety of different brands rather than just one brand

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