OPI “Metallic for Life”

I’m trying to catch my blog up on some of my manicures from the past week.  A few weeks ago I ran across the Nicki Minaj collection at Ulta and was so excited to get my hands on them.  I had high hopes for this collection, but everything I’ve read on other blogs made me think twice about buying most of the collection.  I heard, not experienced, that most of the colors in that collection are hard to work with and really thick and goopey.  Like I said, I don’t know that from experience its all I’ve heard from other nail blogs.  So that completely turned me off from buying most of the collection, but I couldn’t turn this one down.  You know I’m drawn to darks and glitters so when they are put together, I can’t help myself.

OPI “Metallic for Life” is a black jelly base with a ton of chunky silver glitter in it.  This is 2 coats but I have to say that just like what I heard on other nail blogs, this thing was really really thick and goopey.  It wasn’t that it was really hard to work with, it actually was kind of reminiscent of Deborah Lippmann glitters.  I love these kind of polishes, the jelly bases with a ton of glitter inside.  They are some of my favorite type of polishes to wear.  But this one isn’t that original or striking.  While I really like it, it isn’t anything special in my opinion.  Every single company makes a black with silver glitter, except maybe not with this big of pieces of silver glitter.  I own a ton of polishes like this so I’m not raving about this, but I like it.  Don’t love it, but like it enough to rock it!

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