Only Gold for this Fashionista

This is one of those colors that was sent to me by the awesome Zenorah in Toronto.  If you didn’t watch my nail polish swap video in my last post, please watch it because its a preview of whats to come in a lot of my nail of the day posts.  I have to say that this is a color that I never would have bought myself.  I normally see colors like this and pass right over them.  So when I got this apart of my swap I was beyond thrilled because it forced me out of my dark creme comfort zone at the moment. 

Misa “Fashionista” is a light purple with a slight hue of pink that also has beige in it! Its one of the most complex colors that I own and it wouldn’t seem that way from the picture.  Its one of those colors that is so chic and sophisticated.  Think Sephora by OPI “Metro Chic” but with more purple and more pink and less grey.  The think about this color is that in the sunlight it is a true purple with a slight pink undertone.  At night, in artificial light, it looks like a coffee color! Its so odd! But I love it.  the beige and brown tones come out like crazy in artificial light but other than that it is a purple. I am positively in love with this color and it makes me think how many colors I have passed up thinking that they are too old or too boring for me.  Then to jazz it up a little I added one of my favorite glitters, Sephora by OPI “Only Gold for Me” and it made the manicure look like a million dollars.

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