Preview and a Question

So heres a question for you guys.  I have a folder full of pictures of products that I am waiting to review.  What happens with my blog is that I’ll buy a product and then take pictures of it, upload the picture onto my computer and then try out the product a few times before I give a full review.  That is what happened with this Nails Inc Magnetic Polish.  I bought it back in October and took 10 thousand pictures of many manicures, this picture included, and even filmed a video review and how it works.  I did all this to do a blog post on it, and then other posts got in the way.  I was going through some of the pictures I still have to post and I saw this one and though, would anyone want to even read about a product that came out forever ago? So many people have done posts on the Nails Inc Magnetic Polish already and now China Glaze has released an entire collection of magnetic polishes.  I think it might be too late to put in my two cents about this product and want to know if anyone would even want to read it? Should I do a post on this? I don’t know.  But here’s a picture of how cool it is!

2 thoughts on “Preview and a Question

  1. You’re right since China Glaze has come out I don’t really care to see about the Nails Inc ones (plus CG are much cheaper). BUT maybe if you pick up some of the CG ones maybe you could do a comparison post?? Since I heard some people were having issues with CG, maybe the Nails Inc are better!

    • thats a really good idea! i heard the china glaze colors don’t have as strong of a contrast once the magnet is over it, it gets more muddy. but if i can ever get my hands on it then i would totally do a comparison post

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