Swap Haul!

Ok so theres a story behind this.  A few months ago I was talking to a YouTube friend of mine who lives in Toronto and she mentioned something about China Glaze polish “Party Hearty”.  Party Hearty is one of the polishes that I will eternally cry about not being able to get my hands on.  I have a list of polishes that I missed out on that I would pretty much do anything shy of selling body parts or selling my soul to get.  Party Hearty was one of those colors because it is like Christmas in a bottle and looks like a Holly bush (another reason I needed that polish in my life).  When I mentioned how much I wanted that polish she mentioned that there was a store near her that still had bottles of it! What?!?!?! That polish was limited edition almost a year and a half ago and sold out almost within the minute it hit the shelves.  Then she started telling me how much she wanted certain products in the states that she can’t get in Toronto.  That is how our swap started, I had things she wanted and she had things I wanted.  And then this happened …



I am beyond pumped about all the fun nail polishes I got so be prepared for a lot of nail of the day posts!

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