Barry M “Racing Green”

I am almost through with trying out all the polishes I bought while in the UK.  Then I have the daunting task of playing with all the polishes I got from Zenorah in my recent nail polish swap.  But I put on a Barry M polish that I tried while on vacation but didn’t have the sense to take a picture of it.  This was the first Barry M I wore, and funny enough, it was the one I was the most reluctant to buy.  My boyfriend had to talk me into buying this one because I wasn’t sure if I would wear it that much, which is odd because he makes fun of my nail polish obsession.  He said “how many times are you going to be in London and its cheap,” and I was done.  It seemed so ordinary and I though I had 10 colors just like it. But I have since worn it twice and couldn’t be happier to have this in my collection.

Barry M “Racing Green” is a forest green shimmer and was so easy to work with.  That seems to be a theme about all the Barry M polishes (except for one and I’ll get to that) that I’ve tried … they are all 2 coaters, even out on the nail naturally so there’s never any streaks, and are relatively quick drying.  This is no exception.  Opaque in 2 coats and extremely long lasting.  What I couldn’t believe is just how long these polishes last without chipping, especially on my thin peeling nails! This lasted a full 5 days before I got my first chip and then after that I added a flake top coat and it lasted another 4 days before another chip! Normally I don’t leave a polish on long enough to see how long it lasts before a chip but I was so surprised that it became a challenge to see how long I could keep it on.  Another thing I love, this polish reminds me a ton of Butter London “British Racing Green” which was on my wishlist for a while! I think I found my replacement!

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