Basically U Beauty Blender Sponge Dupe Review

Recently I started trying to use sponges rather than brushes to apply my foundation.  I love my Revlon Color Stay foundation but recently I have felt like its a little too heavy, which is funny because that’s exactly what I loved about it 2 months ago.  Just shows that I’m getting ready for spring because I’m starting to lean towards lighter coverage makeup and foundation.  I found some cosmetic sponges in my moms house which I bought when I still lived there so I took them home and played a little.  I have since been using sponges to apply my makeup for the last few weeks and really am liking the finish.  I started to wonder about the Beauty Blender Sponge because so many girls rave about it, but didn’t want to spend the extremely large price for a little sponge that is smaller than my palm.  So when I was walking around Ulta and I saw that there’s a lower priced dupe from Basically U I snatched it up.

For all of you who aren’t familiar with blending sponges, they are meant to give you a flawless and natural finish with any foundation.  How it works, you wet the sponge over warm water, ring it out completely, and while its damp you apply your foundation.  You’re meant to kind of dab your foundation into your skin, rather than using the sponge to spread it over.  Its meant to be used as a stippling method.  I’ve tried it by applying foundation on my face first and then blending it into my skin with the sponge and also by applying foundation directly to the sponge and blending it that way.  It seems like when I do the second approach I use less product that I would normally, but it seems like I don’t get a full coverage.  The flat end is meant to be used across your entire face and the pointy end is for under the eye, around the nose or any other smaller area that you might want foundation in the crevices.

The shape seems completely different from the original beauty blender sponge but is remarkably similar to the Sonia Kashuk version of the blending sponge.  The original Beauty Blender is completely rounded with a very pointy tip, kind of like a tear drop shape.  The Sonia Kashuk is pretty much the same as this one, more bell shaped to make holding onto the sponge easier (or so I would assume).  I don’t have either sponges to do a proper comparison post because the Beauty Blender retails for $20 and the Sonia Kashuk retails for $10.  For some reason I always thought both of those prices were ridiculously high for a small sponge.  Especially Sonia Kashuk, because my Sonia Kashuk section is directly opposite the E.L.F. section of my Target so I always end up comparing prices.  A Sonia Kashuk product for $15 is $1 for a similar E.L.F. product.  But from pictures and reviews, it seems like this sponge has a similar consistency.

Overall, I am still undecided on this.  I have been using cosmetic sponges which are much softer but also when they are wet they retain more dampness, so my foundation gets watered down more.  So switching to this product, which is much more dense and rougher, its a big change.  What I do like is that it gives me a very natural finish.  I’ve been using it with a full coverage foundation and by using this sponge to apply it, it makes it look like a second layer of skin rather than a full coverage caked on foundation. I love the way it makes my foundation look but what I don’t like is that I feel like I have to work harder to make my foundation look good.  While I’m only taking an extra minute or two for my foundation, its a big change when you’re use to just doing a few quick swipes with a brush.

I wish I knew how they compare to the other similar products on the market, but for anyone that is thinking about trying out sponges, this is a good introduction into that cosmetics world.  Instead of jumping right in to the Beauty Blender for $20, you can start off with this and see if you like the way it applies foundation.  If you like it, then maybe its worth the investment, but if you don’t then its a good thing you saved 3/4 of the money.

Grade: B

Price: $4.99

And an extra little picture that my boyfriend took because he was making fun of me for taking blog pictures …

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