Butter London Polish Duo

I honestly can’t remember if I ever did a post about Butter London “The Black Knight“.  I could have sworn that I did, I was so positive that I wrote half this post and then tried to put a link in it for the original Black Knight post and couldn’t find it anywhere.  So, maybe I didn’t write about this amazing polish.  Butter London “The Black Knight” was my winter must have.  Its a black jelly with a ton of blue, pink and a little silver microglitter.  And what I love the most, is that the glitter doesn’t get lost or fall into the polish like a lot of other polishes I have that are the same thing but different colored glitter (cough cough, Julep Chloe cough cough China Glaze Lubu Heels).  When this first hit stores it was only available in a duo pack for $25.  Now you can get it solo on amazon but the second polish that came with it was equally as pretty (click here to see Tart With a Heart).  But the magic happens when you layer Tart with a Heart over Black Knight.

This is one coat of Tart with a Heart over 2 coats of The Black Knight.  I think it basically is like a black rainbow disco ball on my nails! Its crazy! I couldn’t believe just how rainbow and glittery this turned out without being overly gritty or hard to work with.  And in some lights it gave a little bit of a green tint to it, like the nude base over the black base gave it a green effect.  I wish I had done this for new years because this such a good new years or night out clubbing color! And even with 3 coats of glitter on each nail it wasn’t as big of a pain in the ass as I thought it would be

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