Revlon Lip Butters “Brown Fig” and “Creamsicle” Review

Everybody and their sister is reviewing the Revlon Lip Butters.  I haven’t seen this much hype in a lip product in … I have no idea how long.  I honestly can’t remember when a lip product got this much attention.  I first heard about these a few months ago, around November, on YouTube and everyone was giving them such rave reviews.  I am not a huge lip product junkie, I normally just throw on some chapstick and go.  I only have a handful of lipsticks and a ton of glosses that are full and untouched in my collection, and a ton of chapsticks that are spread all over my house.  So I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get my hands on these, and now I’m the last blogger to do a review.  But I was at Ulta the other day and Revlon products were buy one get one half off and the lip butter display was completely full! I grabbed 2 and figured I would try them out and put in my two cents.

I picked up “Brown Sugar” and “Creamsicle” because Brown Sugar is exactly my type of color and the girl in the promotional picture was wearing Creamsicle.  They were priced at $7.49 and they were buy one get one half off at Ulta. For any of you who don’t know, Lip Butters are an extremely pigmented chapstick, or that is how they are marketed.  They are supposed to be a cross between a lipstick and a chapstick, being super moisturizing but also pigmented.  So they are meant to be the perfect thing to throw in your purse so you can apply without a mirror and they won’t fade weird or patchy like some lipsticks will.

I don’t think these are as moisturizing as a traditional chapstick but they have the same consistency on the lips as a chapstick.  They feel the same going on and wear the same, so I find myself reapplying more often than I do with a lipgloss or a lipstick, on the off chance that I wear them.  I don’t think they would cure chapped or cracked lips but they might do well to prevent cracking if you continue to use them on a consistent basis.  But I can’t tell you for sure if they prevent chapped lips because I didn’t do a prolonged experiment and I don’t know if I would for sure get chapped lips.

They look exactly like lipsticks on the tube.  In terms of packaging, I love the quilted plastic packaging that revlon has.  I love that the tube is the same color as the product but frosty and a little see through as well.  It makes it easy to find them if you have a large collection.  The one thing I forgot to photograph is that the top of the product is clear plastic rather than the tinted plastic.  But now on to how the colors look.

Swatch on the left is brown sugar and the swatch on the right is creamsicle.  Although brown sugar looks dark on my skin, it looks so natural on my lips.  It basically just makes my lips one shade darker.  It is so natural that I don’t have to worry about finding a mirror to apply it.  Its a grab and apply on the fly and I don’t have to worry that the wrinkles in the lips will look weird or the outline will be too dark.  Creamsicle on the other hand, not as flattering.  Although I know this would be someones ideal color, its not mine.  I think it makes my lips look so fake and is that color that makes me look like a hooker.  Its a light tangerine and although I like corals and orange tined blushes, a light orange in my lips just doesn’t look right.  But it could be someones cup of tea, but from what I’ve read on other blogs, creamsicle is the one shade that people seem to have issues with. 

Overall, I don’t understand the hype.  They are ok, but nothing that would deserve the crazy amount of videos and hype on all these blogs.  They are an extremely pigmented eos lipbalm.  They aren’t super moisturizing to be a good chapstick but they aren’t super pigmented to have the lasting power of a lipstick.  They are good for a purse to apply on the fly but in my opinion, they aren’t something that you need to buy more than one of.  If you are a chapstick junkie looking for a good product with color, then it might be worth it to grab one.  But this isn’t a product thats worth running out and grabbing if you’re still on the fence. 

Grade: B-

Price: $7.49

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