Wet ‘n Wild “Silent Treatment” Eyeshadow Trio Review

I love Wet ‘n Wild, I rarely leave the drugstore without examining the Wet ‘n Wild display from top to bottom.  So when I was at Ulta the other day and I saw that one of the Wet ‘n Wild eye shadow trios was one sale for $1 I about died!  I grabbed it immediately and brought it home to play.

This is my second trio but I have 4 other Wet ‘n Wild palettes.  This one is called “Silent Treatment” and I really don’t know why.  The color that has the browbone imprint is a light pink satin, the color that has the crease imprint is a dark chocolate-brown with gold shimmer/glitters and the color that has the eyelid imprint is a shimmer purple taupe.  I’m not gonna lie, the whole reason I bought this is for the eyelid shade.

This picture shows the finish of the shadows a little bit better.  There seems to be a little chunk taken out of my eyelid shadow right above the D, but I have never once been able to go through an entire Wet ‘n Wild shadow so I don’t care.  Now on to the colors!

These swatches are over bare skin, no primer.  I am so impressed with the purple taupe color! It was super buttery and easy to apply.  I love the purple taupe colors on my nails and have had MAC’s Quarry eyeshadow on my wish list for a while now, so having a cheap one in a palette that is a dream to work with is amazing.  The dark chocolate-brown is exactly like my other dark chocolate-brown in the Getting a Sun burn (I think?) palette so it isn’t that unique.  But it is super pigmented and really dark.  Easy to apply, easy to work with and easy build up pigmentation.  And the light pink … one word … AWFUL! I have never had such a hard time with an eye shadow and I have had some bad ones.  It is an extremely hard and chalky light pink that won’t even transfer to my finger to swatch let alone to my hand or eye lid.  It is a nightmare and I can’t get anything out of the palette what so ever to even show you.  It is like rubbing a rock trying to get some dust off.

Overall, I can’t be that mad that one of the three colors is (for lack of a better word) crap.  It was on sale for $1 and I love the purple taupe color.  The brown is like the staple dark brown that I think is in a few of the trios.  I have used the brown and purple a few times so I can’t be upset that the 3rd wasn’t up to par.  It seems like it’s a trend with Wet ‘n Wild palettes, most of the colors are amazing and then there will be one or two that aren’t that good.  I would say that these trios are totally worth it and this one is ok if you aren’t looking to use the pink.

Grade: B

Price: normally $2.99 (3 shadows for 3 dollars that have pigmentation that rivals higher end brands!)


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