China Glaze “Sweet Hook”

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the China Glaze “Electro Pop” collection.  I seriously went to 4 different stores to see if they had the collection.  I stalked by Sallys and Ulta trying to buy the entire collection, and when I finally found it I had I grabbed pretty much the entire display and was going to buy every single color but one or two.  But then I actually stopped and looked at the collection and realized that a lot of the colors are EXTREMELY close to other China Glaze colors that are apart of their permanent collection.  The first color in my hand was the light periwinkle creme shade and saw that it is so close to “secret peri-wink-le” from China Glaze that I had to put it back.  I could see a slight difference by looking insanely close, but it was so slight that it wasn’t worth buying both shades unless you are a hardcore collector.  Although I consider myself a collector, I try not to have too many dupes because I feel like its a waste of money.  I would rather have a 300 polish collection of all different colors than a 3000 polish collection with 10 of the same color but from different companies.  So I only picked up 2, Kinetic Candy and Sweet Hook.

China Glaze “Sweet Hook” is a light lavender pink creme shade.  Indoors it looks very lavender but outside in the sunlight it turns into a bright pinky lilac creme and I am in love.  I didn’t think I would love this color as much as I do but it was so easy to work with and is suprisingly bright.  This is 2 coats but I think that some girls could get away with 1 thick coat! I personally tried to keep them thin to avoid chipping.  This is one of those colors that a camera hates because no matter how many pictures I took, I couldn’t get the camera to pick up how pink it is in real life.  I promise in real life this has a lot more pink and is really bright in the sunlight.  Its definitely a color that I don’t own and is a nice addition to my collection!

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