Loreal Carbon Black Linear Intense Brush Tip Liquid Liner Review

I recently have started to get into liquid liner again.  I went through a gel liner phase that lasted about 8 months and just got sick of how long it would take me to do my liner.  I love the look of gel liner but don’t like that it takes me longer to apply and I can’t get as precise or thin of a line as I can with liquid.  So when I went back liquid and quickly realized that most of my liquid liners had dried out while I strayed to gel.  So I had to pick up a new one and heard that the Loreal Carbon Black Linear Intense was amazing, so I picked it up a few weeks ago and gave it a try.

So this apparently is new, as you can see from the packaging.  I didn’t know it was new until I found out that the normal Loreal Carbon Black Linear Intense is a felt tip liner. I saw the felt tip liner on the shelf right next to this one and I’ve always liked brushes better than felt tip liquid liners so I grabbed this one instead.  So I’m trying out a new product on the market and didn’t even know!

The brush is pretty thin but not the thinnest I’ve ever used.  It is fatter on one side and thinner on the other and it is very flat.  It makes it easy to get a super thin line or a thicker one if you turn the brush on its side.  Another thing I like is that the bristles aren’t too long.  It makes the actual brush part not to flimsy so the product doesn’t go everywhere.

The actual applicator is kind of a pain to work with.  Although the bristles aren’t too long, the applicator itself is really long so its harder to control than other liquid liners I’ve used.  Also, I have issues with the packaging.  The tube itself doesn’t have any writing on it, its a black tube and that is it.  If I didn’t know what I was looking for when doing my makeup I would lose this thing because it is so non-descript.  Also, the opening of the tube to get the wand out is so tight that its almost a struggle to get it out.  I like the thought behind a tight fit, it makes it so less air gets in so it doesn’t dry out as fast and it also means no spilling, but it is a little bit of a pain. 

The formula is amazing.  Its super dark, super pigmented, one of the blackest liners I’ve ever used and doesn’t run! I couldn’t believe it when I swatched it but it doesn’t fill the cracks in my hand! I know that might seem weird to people but most liquid liners when you swatch them have a tendency to run just a tad into the cracks of your skin.  This one only goes where you put it and doesn’t run at all.  It is one of the most precise liners I’ve ever used and dries really quickly.  I don’t have to wait at all to put on my mascara which is something I am used to doing, so it cuts down on time even more. 

Overall, I love the finish, I love the look, I love how fast it dries, how pigmented it is and that it isn’t a pain to remove.  What I don’t love is the packaging.  It is too tight and I don’t like that there isn’t any writing on the packaging.  I also don’t like how long the wand is.  Because the wand is so long, it isn’t as easy to handle as some of the liners I’ve used.  But I can deal with those because the look it gives is worth it.  Also, this isn’t water proof so while it looks great and lasts a while it doesn’t last through everything.  It isn’t like a sharpy on your eye lid but it definitely looks amazing.

Grade: A-

Price: $9.49


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