Butter London “Blagger”

I don’t know why I was craving such a primary blue but I was looking at my wall racks and I was just drawn to this color.  I haven’t worn this color since last summer and for some reason it always seemed to me like a summer color.  I know another snow storm is around the corner but I was feeling like wearing a bold color.  This picture is a little dark because when the sun is shining on this polish it is almost like crayola crayon blue.  But what I love most about Butter London “Blagger” is that this is one coat. 

A one coat primary blue polish!?!? Amazing! I have had nothing but good experiences with Butter London, almost three quarters of my butter polishes are almost completely opaque in one coat.  And of course I couldn’t just be a normal person and leave my manicure alone.  I added my favorite chunky silver holographic glitter Icing “Frost Yourself”.  That polish is basically a mirror disco ball in a bottle and gives me that bling where I’m missing a rock.

One thought on “Butter London “Blagger”

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