Nyx “Terra Cotta” and “Bourgeois Pig” Blushes!

Believe it or not, I didn’t ownany Nyx blushes until recently.  My Ulta had the worst selectionof Nyx blushes so I would always browse but never picked up any.  Then one day I was at my Ulta and they must have newly restocked their Nyx blushes because they had about 10 different shades! And they were buy one get one half off! So a cheap product already just got cheaper because it was on sale, and then there was a large selection.  I picked up 2 and am pleasantly surprised.

I’ve always had my eye on terra cotta because its a shimmery nude blush and then the bourgeois pink seemed like a good staple blush since its a bright pink matte.

I really like how the Nyx blushes have that raised pyramid texture.  I’m going to warn you, these swatches are god awful.  I seriously had the hardest time trying to get a good picture that showed the actual color after I blended the blushes a little.

Terra Cotta.  You can see the shimmers in this swatch.  The blush seems to stray to the orange side, or maybe it does on my skin but its almost like a shimmer bronzer that has too much orange in it.  I like it, I’ve worn it a ton since I bought it.

Bourgeois Pig.  This one is much more of a traditional blush.  A matte pink should be in every girls collection because its such a staple color, plus its universally flattering.

Overall, I really like these blushes especially for the money.  Its hard to top some of my all time favorites but these have come pretty close.  I think terra cotta is a little hard for everyone to pull off, sometime it looks a little too orange on me but bourgeois pink is the type of blush that every girl needs to have.  These are ultra ultra pigmented! So use a light hand and you won’t have a problem making them look beautiful!

Grade: A- (amazing quality, extremely pigmented, sometimes because they are so pigmented they are tricky to blend)

Price: $5.99 always on sale at Ulta buy one get one half off!

One thought on “Nyx “Terra Cotta” and “Bourgeois Pig” Blushes!

  1. I have an NYX blush and love it, too – it’s super pretty (I think it’s called Angel.) It doesn’t look like a flattering color in the compact, but on cheeks it comes alive. I think I’ll definitely be picking up the pink shade you swatched here; it’s so pretty!

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