Candles By Victoria Haul

I don’t know how many of you guys are familiar with Candles By Victoria.  Basically, the abbreviated version is that Candles By Victoria is a candle company located in Texas.  She has come up with some of the best candles I have ever tried and if you’re a candle junkie, you’ll be equally impressed as I am with all the products.  These candles and tarts are some of the most scented, longest lasting, and best priced that you can get.  I know this might seem like a sponsored post, but I promise I am just really impressed and have been for over a year since I first ordered.  She has over 600 scents that you can order in candles, tarts, reeds, decorative candles, and some even in soaps.  She pours all the candles and tarts to order so you get the freshest products, there is no grabbing off the shelf for this company. Since shes located in Texas, you have to order online and that means that you can’t smell what you’re buying before you purchase, that is the only down side.  I’ve gotten a few duds that I thought I would love, but overall the quality of the products are worth it.  So I placed a rather large order, and I know this isn’t exactly makeup or nail polish but stuff that smells good is still sort of beauty related.  I made a video so you can watch that and then I also kind of ranked the scents that I got.  So below will be a list of the products I purchased along with a ranking of how I felt about them.  I’ll also include links and prices so keep reading!

Candles by victoria!

scents and a ranking:

5 (love love love, my favorites)
– fruit loops decorative candle
– lemon pound cake candle
– pink cupcake
– caramelized pralines
– bella swan
– whispering winds

4 (like, almost love)
– leather and lace
– honeybee
– morning in madrid
– catchin fireflies
– fireside romance

3 (like)
– crush on my handyman candle
– oatmeal raisin cookie
– snow storm
– rosemary mint

2 (eh, not my favorite but nice)
– butter pound cake
– chocolate chip cookies
– marshmallow campfire
– a bit of the bubbly?

1 (not loving that much)
– cinnamon buns
– raisin rum
– fluffer nutter


16 oz Candle $12.50 (larger than a bath and body works three wick candle)

Decorative Candles $16.50 (I don’t know the exact ounces of the candle)

Scent Shots $2 … there are discounts if you buy multiples of the same scents but the whole point of a scent shot is to try out scents for cheap

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