Trying Shellac Again

Soooo this is going to be a quick post but I wanted to tell you guys that I’m trying out Shellac again.  I didn’t have the best things to say in my last post about Shellac (you can read that here).  This is my third Shellac manicure and I honestly only got it done because I was bored.  I took a friend of mine to get her hair done and since I drove I had to wait.  After hour 2 of watching her get foils put all over her hair I decided to get a manicure.  I figured I might as well try Shellac again.  My first experience pretty awful, but most of it was due to the nail girls error.  My second Shellac manicure was free because the salon I went to kind of had a big OOPS with my hair (and you can read that here) and it was infinitely better!  So I’m trying again but this time I went a dark purple.  Honestly, she filed my nails down too short but oh well, they’ll grow and not break because the polish pretty much makes my nails like iron.  Here’s a picture of the manicure, and I’ve already painted over it.  So you’ll still be getting nail of the day posts but I wanted to post something about it anyways.  I’ve had it on for exactly one week and no chips at all or breaks at all and it still looks like new!

Yes, this was taken with my phone and yes this was from instagram.  But you get the picture of what it looks like.  And yes, I love sugar free red bull!

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