Barry M “Lilac Foil” and Icing “Pop a Bottle”

When I went to the UK a few months ago I picked up a few Barry M polishes.  I really wanted to try out 2 specific polishes and ended up getting 6.  Isn’t that such a nail polish addicts problem? I only wanted 2 and the first store I went to only had 1 of the 2 so I ended up buying 3, and then the next store had the other one I wanted but I ended up getting 3 more.  The reason I bought 6 was because every time I found a Barry M display it was always buy 2 and get a limited edition polish free.  Since I am a nail polish addict, if it says limited edition I normally buy it.  Barry M “Lilac Foil” was one of my free limited edition polishes and I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but hey it was free. 

Lilac Foil is a Lilac Frost.  I’m really not a fan of frost finish polishes because they are almost always a streaky mess.  This one is no exception, it was a nightmare trying to get it to be not streaky.  But I have to sing this polishes praises becaue this is 1 coat! 1 coat over that dark purple shellac that I still have one.  If you can be opaque over a polish that is almost black that is an accomplishment that needs to be celebrated.  And then I can’t just have a normal manicure so I thought it was appropriate to add another one of my free polishes, Icing “Pop a Bottle”.  I got this polish a few weeks ago when I was walking around my mall and all Icing polishes were buy one get one free.  So I picked up this one because it seemed like a dupe for one of the OPI Burlesque collection glitters that I wanted but couldn’t get my hands on (sparklicious maybe?).  It was opaque in 2 coats over that dark purple shellac so another thumbs up!

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