Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume Mascara Review!

Revlon recently came out with a new mascara to go along with their Photo Ready line.  I don’t have extensive experience with Revlon mascaras, I can only think of one or two that I’ve tried, but what I’ve tried I’ve really liked.  So I decided to give this new one a go especially when I saw that the brush looked eerily similar to Benefit’s They’re Real, which I’ve had my eye on for a while.

The brush is a rubber bristle brush but what reminded me of the Benefit They’re Real is the fact that it has that torture ball tip.  I call it a torture ball because if you’ve ever seen one of those ball brush mascaras, thats what it reminds me on.  But the tip has an extra ball, with spikes all around that is meant to get all the little lashes, and to get way down deep at the roots of your lashes.

The formula on this mascara is that perfect mix between wet and dry! I am very happy with the formula of this mascara because it is wet but not too wet where its clumpy or gives me those eye lash dots on my crease because my mascara wasn’t dry when I opened my eyes. And not to dry that it flakes.  So I really like this formula. 

My Nakey Eye

So this mascara lengthens but doesn’t do much for volume.  It gives good black base, and you can see that from the outter corner.  It flares my lashes out nicely and gives them clean definition.

Overall, I like this mascara but don’t love it.  Its good for length but not great volume, so the fact that its called 3D volume really throws me off.  I really like this mascara with certain eye looks but I feel like it gets lost when I wear more eye makeup.  I’m a little “blah” about this mascara, its ok but nothing spectacular.  The only thing I love is the formula and everything else is just kind of in the middle.

Grade: B

2 thoughts on “Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume Mascara Review!

    • i just started following your blog and i can’t wait to read your review! i loved your post on all the subscription services. i had never even heard of half of those and i immediately checked them all out

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